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The purpose of this article is to Witness the Saints of the Eastern Orthodox church
witnessed through the chronological listing of their "repose" or "martyrdoms".

This is a large piece of research and is not complete. All rights belong to OrthodoxWiki and may not be reproduced in other Wiki-forums or published works.

Chronological Synaxarion of the Body of the Church
Abridged article: Timeline of Saints
Creation to New Testament Period A: "Period 1 BC" | "Period 2 BC" | "Period 3 BC"


Creation to New Testament period

NOTE: Refer to the article on Byzantine Creation Era for further information on Chronological dating of Old Testament era. This list is based on the Byzantine Creation date of 5509AM and references to Greek Septuagint LXX.

  • The Pre-existent Christ, [John 1].

Creation (1 AM) to the Great Flood

  • 5509 BC [1 AM]:
    • Creation, [Genesis 1:1].
    • Satan cast out of heaven, [Isaiah 14:12-17].
    • Six days of Creation of the World including Adam and Eve.
    • Fall of Adam and Eve.
    • Expulsion from Eden.
  • Cain and Abel born, Sons of Adam and Eve.
  • Cain kills Abel, [Genesis 4].
  • 5278 BC [230 AM]: Seth born, Son of Adam and Eve [Genesis 4:25].
    • Seth marries his sister, Azura.
    • 435AM [5073 BC]: Enosh born, son of Seth, [Genesis 5:6].
    • 544AM [4964 BC]: Cainan born, son of Enosh, [Genesis 5:9].
    • 714AM [4794 BC]: Mahalalel born, son of Cainan, [Genesis 5:12].
    • 879AM [4629 BC]: Jared born, son of Mahalalel, [Genesis 5:15].
  • 930AM [4578 BC]: Death of Adam aged 930 yo, [Genesis 5:5].
  • 1041AM [4467 BC]: Enoch born, son of Jared, [Genesis 5:18].
    • Enoch "walks with God" [Genesis 5:23-24]
    • 1142AM [4366 BC]: Seth dies aged 912 yo [Genesis 5:8].
    • 1206AM [4302 BC]: Methuselah born, son of Enoch, [Genesis 5:21].
    • 1259AM [4249 BC]: Enosh dies aged 905 yo, [Genesis 5:11].
    • 1393AM [4115 BC]: Lamech born, son of Methusaleh, [Genesis 5:25].
    • 1454AM [4054 BC]: Cainan dies aged 910 yo, [Genesis 5:14].
    • 1609AM [3899 BC]: Mahalalel dies aged 895 yo, [Genesis 5:17].
  • 1663AM [3845 BC]: Noah, son of Lamech born, [Genesis 5:28-29].
    • 1841AM [3667 BC]: Jared dies aged 962 yo, [Genesis 5:20].
    • 2146AM [3362 BC]: Lamech dies aged 777 yo [Genesis 5:31].
    • 2163AM [3345 BC]: Sons of Noah born; Shem, Ham and Japheth, [Genesis 5:32].
    • 2175AM [3333 BC]: Methusaleh dies at 969 [Genesis 5:27].
  • 2163AM [3345 BC]: Righteous Noah starts building the Ark, [Genesis 6:9-22]

The Great Flood to Abraham

  • 2263AM [3245 BC]: The Great Flood [Genesis 7 and 8].
  • 2264AM [3244 BC]: Noah and his family exit the Ark [Genesis 8:13-14].

Christ's Genealogy is traced after the Flood through Shem (Lk 3:35, 36).

  • The Birth of Language / Tower of Babel [Genesis 11]
  • Shem, Ham and Japeth re-populate the earth, Genesis 10.
  • 2265AM [3244 BC]: Arphaxad, son of Shem, is born two years after the flood, [Genesis 11:10].
  • 2400AM Cainan, son of Arphaxad, is born, [Genesis 11:12].
  • 2613AM [x BC]: Death of Noah aged 950 yo, [Genesis 9:28].
  • 2663AM [x BC]: Death of Shem aged 600 yo, [Genesis 11:11].
  • 2830AM Death of Arphaxad aged 565 yo, [Genesis 11:13]
  • Salah, son of Cainan (130 yo + 330y), is born [Genesis 11:13]
  • Eber, son of Salah (130 yo +330y), is born [Genesis 11:14]

Abraham dating

  • 3312AM? Birth of Abram (Abraham), Genesis 11:26-27
    • Abram takes Sarai as wife.
    • Terah takes Abram and his grandson Lot from Ur of the Chaldeans destined for the land of Canaan.
    • Terah, aged 205 yo. dies in Haran, [Genesis 11:32].
    • 3387AM?: Abram, aged 75 yo. departs Haran to complete the journey for the land of Canaan, [Genisis 12:4].
    • Severe famine in the land.
    • Time in Egypt
    • Plain of Jordan allocated to Lot / Abram dwells in the land of Canaan.
    • 3398AM?: Hagar, Sarai's maid, conceives ten years in the land of Canaan, [Genesis 16:3]; Ishmael is born (Abram aged 86 yo).
    • Death of Sarah (Aged 127 yo), buried by Abraham in the Cave of the Patriarchs.
    • Abram becomes Abraham
  • 3487AM?: Death of Abraham (Aged 175 yo) in Canaan.

to Moses

  • Birth of Isaac
  • Birth of Jacob
  • Birth of Joseph
  • Jacob enters Egypt
  • Death of Jacob
  • Death of Joseph

Moses to Canaan

1550 to 1200 BC?
  • 1391 BC: Birth of Moses, Egypt.
  • 1312 BC: c, Likely commencement of Exodus.
    • The 10 plagues against Egypt
    • The Hebrews are freed and then pursued
    • Crossing the Red Sea
    • Israel wanders in the desert for 40 years
    • Receiving the 10 Commandments
    • The conquest and division of Canaan
  • 1271 BC: Death of the glorious Prophet Moses, God-seer, September 4.
  • xxxx BC: Joshua of Navi, September 1.

Canaan to the Reign of King Saul

temporary list of activity by biblical figures.
  • 1146 BC: Samuel the Prophet, August 20.
  • 1104 BC: Birth of Kish, father of Saul.
  • 1079 BC: Birth of Saul
  • 1049 BC: Saul anointed by the prophet Samuel, 1st King of the united Kingdom of Israel and reigned from Gibeah for 40 years, [Acts 13:21].
  • 1029 BC: Death of Kish, father of Saul.
  • 1009 BC: c, 1007 BC Saul's reign ends(Aged 72), Battle of Mount Gilboa?

The Reign of King David (40 years)

  • David and Goliath, 1 Samuel 17
  • David becomes King, 2 Samuel 5
  • David with Bathsheba, 2 Samuel 11
  • Absalom's rebellion, 2 Samuel 15-18
  • David prepares temple materials, 1 Chronicles 22

10th century BC (1000 BC to 901 BC)

  • 1000 BC: Menelik, son of Solomon and Queen of Sheba, visits Jerusalem and steals the Ark of the Covenant (Ethiopian tradition).
  • 970 BC: Death of the holy and righteous King David.

The Reign of King Solomon (985 - 945 BC)

  • Solomon becomes King, 1 Kings 1
  • Solomon asks God for wisdom, 1 Kings 3
  • The building of the Temple, 1 Kings 6
  • Solomon's downfall, 1 Kings 11

The Divided Kingdom (Israel and Judah)

The nation of Israel is divided into two: Israel to the north and Judah to the south.

9th century BC (900 BC to end of 801 BC)

  • The Holy Prophet Hosea (First of the Minor Prophets), tribe of Issachar, October 17.
  • 844 BC c, In the reign of Joram, Jerusalem invaded by Philistines and Arabians [cf. Chron. 21:16f; 4 Kgs. 8:20]

The Fall of Israel to the Fall of Judah

8th century BC (800 BC to end of 701 BC)

  • 778 BC: The prophetic service of Micah begins.

7th century BC (700 BC and ends 601 BC)

  • The Holy Prophet Nahum (7th of the 12 Minor prophets) from the village of Elkosh, died 45 years old, December 1.
  • 609 BC Death of King Josiah, d. June/July.

6th century BC (600 BC and ends 501 BC)

  • 597 BC: Deportation of Jews (first). King Jeconiah.
  • 586 BC: Babylonian captivity for the Jews begins. Jerusalem falls to the Babylonians, ending the Kingdom of Judah. The conquerors destroy the Temple of Jerusalem and exile the land's remaining inhabitants.
  • 582 BC: Possible deportation of Jews (third).
  • 538 BC: Forced exile.
  • 536 BC: The holy prophet Daniel receives an angelic visitor.[1]

5th century BC (500 BC and ends 401 BC)

Note: During this period, both Ezra and Nehemiah, leaders of the Jews, return from Babylonian Exile.

  • 458 BC: Ezra leads about 1,500 Judean exiles living in Babylon to their home city of Jerusalem, where he enforces observance of the Torah and cleanses the community of mixed marriages. Described in the Book of Ezra 8:2-14.
  • 459 BC: Ezra leads the Jews from Babylon to Jerusalem (second lot).
  • 413 BC: c, Death of Nehemiah.

4th century BC (400 BC and ends 301 BC)

  • 332 BC: Alexander the Great enters Jerusalem.

3rd century BC (300 BC and ends 201 BC)

2nd century BC (200 BC and ends 101 BC)

Last century BC (100 BC and ends 1 BC)

  • 16 BC: c, 9 BC According to Orthodox tradition Joachim and Anna retire to Wâdî Qilt located in the desert between Jerusalem and Jericho.
  • 12 BC: c, 9 BC The dormition of St. Anna, the mother of the Theotokos, July 25 [3]

5509 AM Byzantine Calendar

The Byzantine Calendar is set on the basis that Jesus Christ was thought to have been born in the year 5509 Annus Mundi (AM) - the year since the creation of the world according to the Septuagint dating.[4]

  • 4 BC:
    • c, Christ is born in Bethlehem, April 17;
    • The Magi [5], appear in Matthew 2; The Nativity Sheperds [6], appear in Luke 2.
    • Other events: Apostle Paul born in Tarsus; Herod the Great dies.
Unknown dates:

New Testament Era (1-30)

Since the deaths of many of the biblical personalities can not be traced, for the purposes of the New Testament era, we will list the chronological appearance of these same personalities, as they are documented in the Scripture.

30 Death and Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God. [12]

Apostolic Era (30-100)

The Apostolic period can begin with the death of Christ, or from the Day of Pentecost, and ends with the Apostle John and covers about seventy years.

  • 31 Protomartyr of christianity Apostle Stephen delivers a speech before the Sanhedrin (Acts 6:8-8:1) and is stoned to death December 27.

After the Ascension of the Saviour to Heaven, the Apostles preach the Good News to various parts of the world:

Apostle Thaddeus preaches to Syria and Mesopotamia. He preaches the Gospel to Edessa and converts King Abgar.
  • 34 Death of Philip, tetrach of Iturea; Apostle Nikanor the deacon (Acts 6:1-6), d. July 28
  • 36 Tiberius orders the death of Annas and Pontius Pilate for their involvement in the Death of Christ, adter being informed so by Mary Magdalene. Caiaphas died on his way to the trial.[14]
  • 37 End of Tiberius' reign.

Agrippa I is eaten by worms and dies.

  • 52 First Apostolic Council takes place in Jerusalem.
  • 66
    • Evellius, advisor of Nero, converted to Christ on witnessing the patience of the martyrs and then himself martyred in Pisa, Italy, May 11;
    • Hermagoras and Fortunatus, according to tradition, Hermagoras was a disciple of Apostle Mark and was consecrated Bishop of Auileia in Italy. He and his deacon Fortunatus were beheaded under Nero, July 12;
    • Priscus, 1st bishop of Capua, Italy sent by Apostle Peter, martyred under Nero, September 1;
    • Photine of Samaria, Anatole, Photo, Photis, Paraskeve, Kyriake, Photinos and Joses and the Duke Sebastianos, martyred under Emperor Nero.
    • Christians arrive in Antioch from Jerusalem
  • 67 c, Paul, founder of the Church of Rome, beheaded in Rome;
  • 70 the Roman emperor Titus captures and destroys Jerusalem. The Romans demolish the Jewish temple and under difficult conditions the Christians emigrate in Pella in the east bank of Jordan river.

90-96 (2nd) Persection of Christians under Emperor Domitian

  • 99 Maro, Eutyches and Victorinus, [34], martyred under Trajan, April 15.

First Century unknown dates

Close of the Apostolic Age

Second Century (101-200) the sub-Apostolic Age

More commonly referred to as the "sub-Apostolic age", begins and ends with the second century.

108-124 (3rd) Persection of Christians under Emperor Trajan and continuing under Emperor Hadrian.

177-180 (4th) Persecutions of Christians under Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180)

Third Century (201-300)

  • 201 Clement leaves city to avoid persecution of Septimius Severus.
Christian thinkers try to harmonise philosopy and scripture with possible influences from Indian Buddhism.

202-211 (5th) Persecutions of Christians under Emperor Septimius Severus (193-211)

"Hexapla" commenced by Origen.

235-238 (6th) Persecution of Christians under Emperor Maximinus the Thracian

  • 248 Cyrpian elected Bp. of Carthage.
  • 249 Decian Persecutions

249-251 (7th) Persecution of Christians under Emperor Decius.

Date unknown
  • Martyrs Coronatus, Thyrsus, Leucius, and their companions suffered in Bythnian Caesarea and Apollonia under Emperor Decius, August 17.
  • Anastasia the Roman, died under Emperor Decius, October 29.

257-260 (8th) Persecution of Christians under Emperor Valerian (253-260)

  • 257 Stephen, Bp. of Rome, dies, perhaps martyred; Novatian martyred during persecution under Valerian.
  • 260 Paul of Samosata, (Deposed) Bp. of Antioch, by way of his teachings paves way for Arianism and does shocking things in personal and public life.

260-270 Persecutions

270-275 Persecution of Christians under Emperor Aurelian

Aurelian murdered.

Unknown dates
  • Martyr Paul, and his sister Juliana, of Syria executed under Aurelian in the Phoenician city of Ptolemais, August 17.
  • Martyr Patroclus of Troyes, executed under Aurelian on the banks of the River Sequanum (now the Seine), August 17. His body was buried by night by the priest Eusebius and deacon Liberius.

275-300 Persecutions

Athanasius born.

Unknown dates

Fourth Century (301-400)

  • 302 20,000 Martyrs burned at Nicomedia including Glycerius, Zeno, Theophilus, Dorotheus, Mardonius, Migdonius, Indes, Gorgonius, Peter, Euthymius, and the virgins Agape, Domna, Theophila and others, January 10.

303-311 (10th) Persecution of Christians under Diocletian, identified as the Great Persecution

  • 308 James (d.338) appointed first Bp. of Nisibis (Syria).

310-379 (11th) Persecution of Christians under Persian King Shapur II

ca. death of Tiridates, king of Armenia (or as late as 330).
ca. death of Diocletian;
Cyril elected Bp. of Jerusalem.
Ephraim of Syria and greater part of Christian population take refuge in the city of Edessa after the city of Nisibus is ceded to the Sassanids.
  • 366 Abraham the Great of Kidunj, the Recluse and his niece Mary of Mesopotamia (fd. October 29)
  • 367 Hilary, Bp. of Poitiers January 13.
  • 400 The deposition of the sash of the Holy Theotokos in Constantinople, August 31.
    • John Chrysostom encourages emperor and people to resist Gainas and his Gothic troops.

Unknown dates

Fifth century (401-500)

Council of Ephesus (Third Ecumenical)
Unknown dates:

Sixth century (501-600)

  • 550 Notable writer John Moschus born; Aed of Ferns born at Inisbrefny, Ireland; Repose of St. Jarlath of Tuam, 1st Bp. of Tuam.
  • 552 Aba I, catholicos of Church of the East, dies.
  • 553 Kentigern, Bishop of Glasgow and Strathclyde exiled by pagans fleeing to Menevia, Wales.

Unknown dates 6th-century

Seventh century (601-700)

Unknown 7th-century dates:

Eighth century (701-800)

Ninth century (801-900)

Unknown dates

Tenth century (901-1000)

Dates disputed

Eleventh century (1001-1100)

Unknown dates:

Twelfth century (1101-1200)

  • Relics of the 9th century Hieromartyr Michael, the Black-Robed, of St Sava' Monastery discovered in Jerusalem by Daniel, the igumen of the Kiev Caves monastery.
  • 1102 Metr. Nikolai of Kiev
  • 1104 The life of Theodosius (+1074) written by St Nestor the Chronicler.
  • 1105 On December 13 Menas of Kiev was consecrated Bishop of Polotsk.
  • 1108 Glorification of Theodosius of the Kiev Caves (+1074).
  • 1121 Metr. Nikifor I of Kiev
  • 1124 c, or 1134 Holy Empress Irene of Hungary, wife of John II Comnenus and tonsured nun Xenia, d. in Bithynia August 13.
  • 1125 Body of Isidore of Chios taken to Venice and hidden in the palace of the Doge.
  • 1126 Metr. Nikita of Kiev
  • 1145 Metr. Michael II of Kiev
  • 1157 Damiane (King Demetrius I) the Hymnographer, d. May 23 at Gelati monastery.
  • 1159 Metr. Constantine, of Kiev, June 5.
  • 1163 Metr. Feodor of Kiev
  • 1164 Uncovering of the holy relics of the wonderworker Leontius, Bp. of Rostov.
  • 1166 Metr. Ivan IV of Kiev
  • 1173 Venerable Euphrosyne, Abbess of Polotsk, May 24
  • 1177 Metr. Konstantin II of Kiev
  • 1186 Wonderworker John, ABp. of Novgorod September 7.
  • 1187 Translation of the relics of Venerable Euphrosyne, Abbess of Polotsk to the Kiev caves.
  • 1198 Metr. Nikifor II of Kiev
Unknown dates
  • Constantine of Cyprus, the Wonderworker and martyr and those with him July 1.

Thirteenth century (1201-1300)

Unknown dates:

Fourteenth century (1301-1400)

Fifteenth century (1401-1500)

Unknown dates
  • St. Theodosius (Prince Theodore of Ostrog) of the Kiev Caves August 11
  • St. Leucius of Volokolamsk, 62 years old, d. July 27 (fdAugust 17&December 14)
  • St. Fotou the Cypriot is first mentioned by the historian Leontios Macheras, however there is no information about her life, origin or the year that she lived.

Sixteenth century (1501-1600)

Unknown dates

Seventeenth century (1601-1700)

Eighteenth century (1701-1800)

Nineteenth century (1801-1900)

Twentieth century (1901-2000)

1901 to 1909

1910 to 1917


  • February: Peter (Skipetrov) of Petrograd, Archpriest, New Hieromartyr, February 1; Michael Lisitsyn , the priest of Ust-Labinskaya, Russia, Joseph Smirnov the protoierey, John Kastorsky the deacon, Vladimir Ilinsky the priest, hieromartyrs and John Perebaskin the martyr, February 22;
  • April: Peter and Prokhor the Martyrs, April 11; Sergius (Trofimov) of Nizhni-Novgorod, the New Martyr, and one with him, April 14; John, priest and New Hieromartyr, April 17; Bessarion the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 18; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 21; Eustaphius the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 22; Egor (George), Priest of Spas Chekriak village, Russia, New Hieromartyr, April 23; John the priest and the new hieromartyr, and his childrens, Martyrs Nicholas and Peter, April 26;
  • May: Archpriest Philosoph Ornatsky with his sons Boris and Nicholas, New Hieromartyrs, in St. Petersburg, May 31
  • June: Andronicus, archbishop of Perm, Basil Archbishop of Chernigov and Peter the priest, New Hieromartyrs, June 4; Alexander, Alexis, Alexander, Valentine, Benjamin, Viktor, Alexander, Paul, Vladimir, Ignatius, Michael, Nicholas, Paul, Alexander, Nicholas the priests, Gregory the deacon, New Hieromartyrs, and Athanasius and Alexsander the martyrs, June 7; Joseph the priest, New Hieromartyr, June 14; Alexander the priest, New Hieromartyr, June 13; Amos the priest, New Hieromartyr, June 15; Hermogenes (Germogen), bishop of Tobolsk, Euphremius, Michael and Peter priests, hieromartyrs, and Martyr Constantine, June 16; Aberkius priest and Nicander, New Hieromartyrs, June 17; Sergius Florinsky, priest in Estonia, New Hieromartyr, June 19; John the New Hieromartyr, June 21; Gennadius, priest, new hieromartyr, June 22; Alexander, Alexis, Peter priests, New Hieromartyrs, June 23; Nicholas and Basil the priests, New Hieromartyrs, June 25; Gregory, priest, New Hieromartyr, June 26; Gregory Nikolsky Priest of Kuban, Alexander and Vladimir priests, New Hieromartyrs, June 27; Kirion II, (b. 1855), catholicos-patriarch of Georgia, New Hieromartyr, June 27; Basil, deacon and New Hieromartyr, June 28; Timothy, priest, New Hieromartyr, June 30
  • July: Arcadius the priest, new hieromartyr, July 1; Nilus of Poltava, Hieromonk, New Hieromartyr, July 4; Grand Duchess Elizabeth, and Nun Barbara, July 5; Paul the priest, New Hieromartyr, July 7; Alexander and Theodore priests, New Hieromartyrs, July 8; Constantine the priest, New Hieromartyr, July 9; Peter and Stephen priests, Gregory and Nestor deacons, New Hieromartyrs, July 10; Constantine, priest, new hieromartyr, July 14; Tsar Nicholas II of Russia murdered together with his wife Alexandra and his childrens, July 17; Appolinarius the new hieromartyrs, July 18; Constantine the and Nicholas priests, New Hieromartyrs, July 20, Michael the priest, New Hieromartyr, July 22; Ambrose, bishop of Sarapul, priests Plato and Panteleimon the new hieromartyrs, July 27; Nicholas the deacon, new hieromartyr, July 28; John the deacon, New Hieromartyr, July 30
  • August: Viacheslav the deacon, New Hieromartyr, August 3; Joseph, New Hieromartyr, August 8; Viacheslav, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 10; Barlaam, abbot of ,,Belogor St. Nicholas” monastery, and brotherhood: hieromonks Sergius, Ilia, Viacheslav, Iosaph, John, Anoty, hierodeacons Mikhey, Bessarion, Mathew, Euphemia, monks Barnabas, Demetrius, Sabbas, Hermogenus, Arcadius, Euphemia, btothers John, Jacob, Peter, another Jacob, Alexander, Theodore, another Peter, Sergius, Alexis, New Hieromartyrs, August 12; John, Ioasph and Constantine, priests, New Hieromartyrs, August 13; Mathew and Alexis the Martyrs, August 14; Stephen the priest, New Hieromartyr, August 16; Alexis the priest, New Hieromartyr, August 17; Augustine, Archimandrite of Orans Monastery, Nicholas of Nizhni-Novgorod, the Proto-priest, and 15 people with them New Martyrs, August 18; Alexander, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 21; Ephraim (Kuznetsov), bishop of Selenginsk, Macarius, bishop of Orlov, John, Alexis, and John Vostorgov, the priests, new hieromartyrs, August 22; Aristoclius, elder of Moscow, Venerable, August 24; Michael Voskresensky and Stephen Nemkov, priests, and those with them, in Nizhni-Novgorod, New Hieromartyrs, August 27; Archimandrite Sergius (Zaytsev) and hieromonks Laurecnce (Nikitin), Seraphim (Kuz'min), hierodeacon Theodosius (Alexandrov), monks Leontius (Kariagin), Stephen, brothers Gregory (Timofeev), Hylarion (Pravdin), John (Sretensky), Sergius (Galin), of Zilantov Monastery of Kazan, August 28; Peter priest, New Hieromartyr, August 30; Alexander priest and Vladimir deacon, New Hieromartyrs, August 31
  • September: Barsunuphius, bishop of Kyrilov, John priest, Seraphima, Abbess of Therapontov Convent, and Anatole, Nicholas, Michael and Philip, hieromartyrs, September 2; Pimen (Belolikov) bishop of Vernensk and Semirechensk, Sergius, Basil, Philip, Vladimir priests, New Hieromartyr, Meletius the martyr, September 3; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr, September 6; Peter and Michael, priests, Alexander the deacon, New Hieromartyrs, September 7; Gregory the priest and Aleksander the deacon, New Hieromartyrs, September 9; Nicholas and Victor priests, Hieromartyrs, September 11; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, September 14; John, priest, New Hieromartyr, and Eudocia the martyr, September 15; Paul, Theodosius, Nicodemus and Seraphim, New Hieromartyrs, September 17; Alexis and Peter, priests, New Hieromartyrs, September 18; Constantine (Golubev), priest in Bogorodsk, and two others with him, New Martyrs, September 19; Alexander, Alexis, Constantine, John priests, New Hieromartyrs, September 21; Basil, deacon, New Hieromartyr, September 24; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr, September 27; Prokopius, priest, New Hieromartyr, September 30;
  • October: Alexis the priest, New Hieromartyr, October 1; Demetrius the priest, New Hieromartyr, October 4; Constantine and Peter the priests, New Hieromartyrs, October 9; Philaret and Alexander priests, New Hieromartyrs, October 11; Simeon, priest, New Hieromartyr, October 15; Eugine the priest, New Hieromartyr, October 16; Neophit priest, New Hieromartyr, Hyacinth and Callistus the Martyrs, October 17; Alexis (Stavrovsky), priest in Petrograd, New Martyr, October 19; Nicholas (Liubomudrov). priest of Latskoye village, Yaroslavl, New Martyr, October 20; Euphrosyne (Mezenova) the Faster, schema-abbess of Siberia, October 12; Laurence bishop of Balakhninsk, Alexis priest and Alexis the Martyr. New Hieromartyrs, October 24; John the priest New, Hieromartyr, October 28; Nicholas the priest, Cosma, Victor, Naum, Philip, John, Paul, Andrew, Paul, Basil, Alexis, John, New Hieromartyrs, and Agaphia the martyr, October 29; Leonid the New Hieromartyr, October 31;
  • November: Alexander and Theodore priests, New Hieromartyrs, November 1; Bishop Victorin and Priest Basil Luzgin of Glazomicha, Constantine and Anania, priests, New Hieromartyrs, November 2;
  • December: Alexis, John, Alexander and Nicholas priests, Basil deacon and with him 10 Martyrs, New Hieromartyrs, December 4; Antonius priest, Andronic, New Hieromartyrs, December 7; Jacob and Alexander priests, Eugraph and his son, New Hieromartyrs, December 10; Theophanes, bishop of Solokamsk, (b. 1867), hieromartyrs of the Bolshevik Yoke, and with him 2 Hieromartyrs and 5 Martyrs, December 11; Vladimir, Priest, New Hieromartyrs, December 16; Alexander, Nicholas and Sergius priests, New Hieromartyrs, December 17; Michael the priest, December 21; Saints of Ivangorod: Dimitry (Chistoserdov) and Alexander (Volkov) December 26; Alexander and Demetrius priests, December 26; Nikodim, bishop of Belgorod and Arcadius deacon, December 28; Sergy (Florinsky) of Rakvere, December 30;


  • 1919 Death of Saints of Tartu: Platon (Kulbush) bishop of Tallinn, Michael (Bleive) and Nicholas (Bezhanitsky) January 1; Andrew (Zimin), Archpriest, his wife Lydia, his mother-in-law Domnica, his two daughters and his servant Maria, of Ussurisk January 6; Nicholas, Theodore and Vladimir priests, Hieromartyrs, January 11; John priest, Hieromartyr, January 16; Michael the priest, New Hieromartyr, January 18; Basil and Gabriel the priests, February 13; Nicholas, Saint May 5; Nicholas and Peter the priests, new hieromartyrs, June 7; Nicolas, priest and New Hieromartyr, March 13; Alexander, the New Hieromartyr and priest, March 17; Paul (Voinarsky) the Priest and brothers Paul and Alexis Kiryan, of the Crimea, new martyrs, March 29; Mitrophan, archbishop of Astrakhan, Leonty, bishop of Enotaeva, and those with him, New Hieromartyrs, June 23; Juvenal the deacon, July 20; Eudocia (Shikova) and Novices Daria (Timolina), Dar'ia (Siushinskaya), and Maria of Diveyevo, New Martyrs, August 5 Basil and Parthenius priests, New Hieromartyrs, September 3; Nicolas, priest, New Hieromartyr, September 19; Herman, bishop of Volsk, and Michael the priest, New Hieromartyrs, September 27; Eugraphus, New Hieromartyr, November 24; John, priest, New Hieromartyr, December 2; Vladimir, priest, New Hieromartyr, December 9; Tikhon, archbishop of Voronezh and with him 160 martyred priests, December 27; Nicolas the priest, New Hieromartyr,
  • 1919-1922 Greco-Turkish War; Pontic Greek Genocide eliminates the Christian population of Trebizond.

1920 to 1929

1930 to 1936

  • 1930 Peter priest, Hieromartyr, January 10; Benjamin, bishop of Romanov, New Hieromartyr January 15; Eugine the priest, New Hieromartyr, January 18; Nicholas priest, New Hieromartyr, January 19; Basil bishop of Priluksk, new hieromartyr, January 25; Maria of Gatchina, New Martyr, January 26, Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 6; Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 9; Peter and Valerian the, priests New Hieromartyrs, February 10; Alexius (Buy), bishop of Voronezh, New Hieromartyr, February 12; Michael Piataev and John Kumin the priests, New Hieromartyrs, February 15; Alexander, Daniel and Gregory priests and New Hieromartyrs, February 21; Peter the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 26; Nicholas priest and New Hieromartyr, March 7; Alexis the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 5; Alexander, priest and New Hieromartyr, April 15; Basil Derzhavin, priest and hieromartyr, and lay people of the city of Gorodets, Nizhni-Novgorod, April 18; Maxim, bishop of Serpukhov, new hieromartyr, June 23; Alexander, George, John, John, Sergius and Theodore priests, Hieromartyrs, Tykhon, George, Cosmas, Euphimius and Peter the Martyrs, July 20; Anatole the New Hieromartyr, July 29; Nicholas Prozgrov, New Hieromartyr, August 4; Nicholas Prozorov the Priest, new hieromartyr, August 19; Alexander Jacobson, in Solovki, New Martyr, September 8; Benjamin, bishop of Romanovsk, New Martyr, September 22; John, New Hieromartyr, October 12; Valerian Novitsky, priest of Telyadovich, New Hieromartyr, October 15; John the priest , New Hieromartyr, October 29; Boris the deacon, confessor, Nicholas and Anna, the Martyrs, November 10; Michael the priest December 25, Hieromartyrs Nicolas priests and Michael deacon December 26; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, December 3; Michael, priest, New Hieromartyr, December 25;
  • 1931 Victor priest, Hieromartyr, January 17; Athanasia, (Lepeshkin) Abbess of Zosima Hermitage, New Martyr, January 25; Mitrophan, archpriest and New Martyr, February 12; Peter Lagov, priest in Moscow, New Hieromartyr, February 16; Mitrophan Buchnoff, Archpriest in Voronezh, New Hieromartyr, March 9; Vladimir the priest, New Hieromartyr, March 21; Nicolas the priest, New Hieromartyr, March 28; Macarius (Kvitkin) of Orenburg,March 31; Michael, saint, fool-for-Christ, April 1; Nicholas, priest of Kronstadt, April 5; Athanasia, the Abbess of the Smolensk Hodigitria Convent, near Moscow, New Martyr, May 12; Macarius, Dyonisius and deacon Nicholas, New Hieromartyrs, Martyrs Ignatius and Peter, May 28; Michael the priest, New Hieromartyr, June 5; Nikon the Confessor, Venerable of Optina, June 25; Anthony, archbishop of Archangelsk, New Hieromartyr, July 3; Euthymius the new martyr, July 6; Alexis the priest, New Hieromartyr, July 22; Vladimir, priest, and his brother Boris, New Hieromartyrs, August 16; Moses, Hieromartyr, August 25; Mary, Blessed of Diveyevo, August 26; Nicolas, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 28; Irene, the Virgin-martyr, September 17; Valentine Sventsitsky, Priest in Moscow Nicholas Kazansky the Priest, New Hieromartyrs, October 7; Gregory the confessor, priest, October 16; Nicholas confessor and priest, November 4; Niphont the New Hieromartyr and Alexander the Martyr, November 10; Seraphim the New Hieromartyr, November 23;
  • 1932 Vladimir the confessor, priest, January 11; Alexander (Medvedsky) the priest, New Hieromartyrs, February 18; Vladimir, priest and Hieromartyr, February 18; Sergius the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 27; Papa-Nicholas (Planas) of Athens, March 2; John the confessor, March 19; Nicholas bishop of Velsk, the New Hieromartyr and the martyr Mary, April 4; George (Lavrov) the Confessor, venerable archimandrite of Kaluga, June 21; Ignatius, Venerable confessor, September 15; Aretha the Venerable, October 24; Vladimir the priest, New Hieromartyr, November 22; John, confessor, November 23; Demetrius the priest, New Hieromartyr, and Vera, Venarable confessor, December 2; Elias, priest, New Hieromartyr, December 5; Ambrosius confessor, bishop of Kamenets-Podolsk, (b. 1878), December 7;
  • 1933 Alexander, Stephen and Philippe priests, Hieromartyrs, January 4; Eugenia, the Virgin-martyr, January 5; Theodore the confessor, priest , January 28; Vladimir priest, new hieromartyr, January 30; Sergius priest, New Hieromartyr, February 26; Dimitry Ivanov, Archpriest in Kiev, New Hieromartyr, March 4; Patrikius the confessor, venerable, March 11; Alexander the confessor and priest, March 12; Stephen (Bekh), bishop of Izhevsk, New Hieromartyr, March 13; Micael the priest, New Hieromartyr, March 29; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 4; Arcadius the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 7; Sergius the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 8; Stephen (Bekh) bishop of Izhevsk, New Hieromartyr, April 13; Nicholas the confessor, priest, April 21; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, July 14; Nicholas,. saint priest, August 19;
  • 1934 Sergius priest, Hieromartyr, January 5; Elias Chetverukhin, priest of Moscow, New Hieromartyr, February 16; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 6; Victor, bishop of Glazov, New Hieromartyr, April 19; Cyprian the New Hieromartyr, June 3; Magdalena, schema-abbess of New Tikhvin Convent in Siberia, new hieromartyr, July 16; Alexis Medvedkov, archpriest of Uzine, new hieromartyr, July 20; John Pommer, archbishop of Riga in Latvia, New Hieromartyr, October 12;
  • 1935 Michael, priest and confessor, new hieromartyr, April 17; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr, September 15; Eugene (Zernov), metropolitan of Nizhni Novgorod, New Hieromartyr, October 30; Damascene, bishop of Glukhov (1935) and his father, priest Nicholas, New Hieromartyrs, December 4;
  • 1936 Theoktista Michailovna, fool-for-Christ of Voronezh, the New Martyr, February 22; Nicholas Kedrov the Priest, new hieromartyr, May 15, Heraclius the confessor, New Hieromartyr, May 28; Agapitus the confessor, Venerable, July 5; Matrona Belyakova, fool-for-Christ of Anemnyasevo, New Confessor, July 16; Peter, metropolitan of Krutitsa, New Hieromartyr, August 29; Gregory the Cross-bearer, New Martyr, November 6; Victor, the Martyr, December 18;
  • 1936-37 Many Russian Orthodox Clerics die in Joseph Stalin's Great Purge.


  • March: Olga the New Hieromartyr, March 1; Vyacheslav (Leontiev) of Nizhegorod, Priest and new hieromartyr, March 4; Basil, priest and New Hieromartyr, March 11,
  • April: Nicholas, Priest, New Hieromartyr, April 18; Theodosius, bishop of Kolomensk, New Hieromartyr, April 20;
  • May: Peter the priest, New Hieromartyr, May 12; Abercius, archbishop of Zhitomir, Vladimir Zagarsky, Priest, New Hieromartyrs, May 15; Victor the New Hieromartyr, May 19;
  • June: Herman Riaschentsov, New Hieromartyr, June 8; Alexander Kharkovsky the bishop, Anthony, Barsanuphius and Joseph, new hieromartyrs, June 12; Parthenius the bishop, New Martyr, June 19;
  • July: Demetrius the priest, new hieromartyr, July 4; James archbishop of Barnaul and with him Peter and John priests, new hieromartyrs, Theodore and John the martyrs, July 16; Alpheus the deacon, New Hieromartyr, July 24; Sergius the priest, New Hieromartyr, July 26 Basil, Anastasia, Hellen, Aretha, John, John, John and Mavra the martyrs, July 28; Vladimir, John, Constantine, priests, hieromartyrs, and Anna and Elizabeth the martyrs, July 31;
  • August: Demetrius, the priest, New Hieromartyr, August 1; Platon the New Hieromartyr, August 2; Michael the New Hieromartyr, Simeon and Demetrius the Martyrs, August 4; Alexander, Peter, Michael, John, Demetrius and Alexis priests, Elisey deacon, New Hieromartyrs, and Athanasius, Hieromartyr, August 7; Nicholas the priest, New Hieromartyr, August 8; Athanasius the priest, New Hieromartyr, August 10; Basil, Leonidas, John and Nicholas the priests, New Hieromartyrs, August 12; Seraphim (Zvezdinsky), bishop of Dmitrov, Nicholas, Jacob the priests and Alexis the deacon, New Hieromartyr, August 13; Eleutherius of Chimkent (Kazakhstan), the Schema-archimandrite, Vladimir and Nicholas priests, New Hieromartyrs, Eleupheria, Eudokia and Theodore, the martyrs, August 14; Alexander the priest, Anna and Jacob the martyrs, August 16; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 17; Gregory, priest, New Hieromartyr, and Eugene and Michael new martyrs, August 18; Paul, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 21; Alexis archbishop of Omsk, Theodore bishop of Penza, John bishop of Velikoluk, and with them, Basil, Gabriel, Alexander, Michael, Hilarion, John, Hierotheus and Theodore priests, hieromartyrs, August 22 Paul and John priests, New Hieromartyrs, August 23; Nectarius (Trezvinsky), bishop of Yaransk, Victor, Peter and Roman Medved of Moscow, New Hiero-confessor, priests and new hieromartyrs, Demetrius the Martyr, , August 26; John, John priest and Methodius, New Hieromartyrs, August 27; Basil, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 28; Paul the priest, New Hieromartyr, Theodore and Elizaveta, the Martyrs, August 30; Michael and Myron priests, New Hieromartyrs, August 31;
  • September: Tatiana and Natalia, Virgin-martyrs, September 1; Damascene, bishop of Starodub, Herman, bishop of Vyaznikov, Ephimius, John, John, Vladimir, Victor, Basil, Theodore, Peter, Stephen, Stephen, the priests, New Hieromartyrs, Paul and Ksenia the martyrs, September 2; Alexis and Elias, priests, New Hieromartyr, September 3; Gregory (Lebedev) Bishop of Shliserburg, Sergius (Druzhinin) Bishop of Narva, New Hieromartyrs, Paul, John, Nicholas, Nicholas, John, Nicholas, Alexander, Peter and Michael priests, New Hieromartyrs, Stephen, Martyrs Basil, Peter, Stephen and Alexander the Hieromartyrs, September 4; Alexis, archbishop of Velikoustiuzh, New Hieromartyr, Euthymius the Martyr, September 5; Constantine, John and Vsevolod, priests, New Hieromartyrs, September 6; Eugine, metropolitan of Gorky, Stephan, Eugine, Nicholas and Pakhomius, Gregory, Basil priests, and Leo, New Hieromartyrs September 7; Demetrius, New Martyr, priest, September 8; Zaharias, archbishop of Voronezh, Basil, Sergius, Joseph, Alexis priests, New Hieromartyrs, and Basil the Martyr, September 9; Ismail, Eugine, John, Constantine, Peter, Basil, Gleb, Basil, John, Nicholas, Palladius priests, Meletius and Gabriel, New Hieromartyrs, Symeon and Tatiana, the martyrs, September 10; Karp (Elb), Priest, hieromartyr, September 11; Blessed Alexis of Elnat and Zharki, near Kineshma, Theodore, John, Nicolas priests, New Hieromartyrs, and Martyr Alexis September 12; Stephan, Alexander priests and Nicholas deacon, New Hieromartyrs, September 13; Nicolas, priest, New Hieromartyr, September 14; John, Jacob, Peter priests and Nicholas deacon, New Hieromartyrs, Mary and Ludmila the Martyrs, September 15; Gregory Raevsky, priest, New Hieromartyr, September 16; Amphilius, bishop of Krasnoiarsk, John, Boris, Michael, Vladimir, Benjamin, Constantine, priests, New Hieromartyrs, and Sergius the Martyr, September 18; Nilus priest, new hieromartyr and Mary the Virgin-martyr, September 19; Theoktist and Alexander priests, New Hieromartyrs, September 20; Theophan, (Tuliakov), metropolitan of Lipetsk and Belo-Russia, Mavrikius, Valentin, Alexander, John, Andrew, Peter, John, priest, New Hieromartyr, Basil and Vladimir the Martyrs, September 21; Arsenius the archbishop, John the priest, New Hieromartyrs, September 23; Andrew and Paul priests, New Hieromartyrs, Hieromartyr Vitaly and Martyrs Basil, Sergius and Spiridon, September 24; Athanasius, Alexander, Demetrius priests, New Hieromartyrs, John and Nicolas the martyrs, September 26; Peter, metropolitan of Krutitsa, Theodore the priest, new hieromartyrs, September 27; Hilarion and Michaela the Martyrs, September 28; Peter, Viacheslav, Peter, Symeon, Basil priests, New Hieromartyrs, Seraphim deacon, Alexandra, Alexis, Matthew, Apollinaris, the martyrs, September 30;
  • October: Alexander, Gregory, Nicolas priests, New Hieromartyrs, John the martyr, October 1; Demetrius, Nicholas, Micael, Jacob and Tikhon priests, New Hieromartyrs, Basil the Martyr, October 4; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, October 6; Demetrius archbishop of Mozhaysk, Jonah bishop of Velizhsk, Hieromartyrs, Seraphim. Peter, Basil, Paul, Peter, Vladimir, Ambrosius, and Pakhomius priests, John the deacon, Victor, John, Nicolas, Elizabeth, Tatiana, Mary and Nadezhda, Nicholas, the martyrs, October 8; Constantine, priest, New Hieromartyr, October 9; Theodore (Pozdeev), archbishop of Volokolamsk, New Hieromartyr, October 10; Juvenalius (Maslovsky), bishop of Riazan, New Hieromartyr, October 11; Laurence the Venarable, October 12; Innocent and Nicolas, priests, New Hieromartyrs, October 13; Peter, priest, New Hieromartyr, October 14; Alexander (Shchukin) Archbishop of Semipalatinsk, New Hieromartyr, October 17; Andrew, Serius, Nicolas and Sergius priests, New Hieromartyrs, Elizabeth the martyr, October 18; Sergius the priest, New Hieromartyr, October 19; Herman, bishop of Alatyr, Zosima, John, John, John, Nicholas, Leonid, John and Alexander priests, Michael and Peter deacons, New Hieromartyrs, and Paul the Martyr, October 20; Paulinus, bishop of Mogilev, Arkadius, bishop of Ekaterinburg, and with them Anatolius, Nicander, Constantine, Sergius, Basil, Theodore, Vladimir, Nicholas, John, Basil, Alexander, Demetrius and Alexis the priests, Sergius and John the deacons, New Hieromartyrs, and Cyprian the Martyr, October 21; Seraphim archbishop of Uglich, German the archimandrite, Vladimir, Alexander, Basil, Alexander, Nicholas, Nicholas, priests, New Hieromartyrs, Herman, Gregory and Menas the Martyrs, October 22; Vladimir Ambartsumov, Archpriest in Moscow, Nicholas, Vladimir, Alexander, Nicholas, Emilian and Sozont, priests, New Hieromartyrs, October 23; John and Nicholas priests, New Hieromartyrs, October 24; Eugine priest, New Hieromartyr, and Anastasia the martyr, October 29; Vsevolod, Alexander, Sergius, Alexis, Basil priests, Anatolius, Euphrosynus, New Hieromartyrs, and James the Martyr, October 31;
  • November: Sergius, archbishop of Eletsk, Alexander and Demetrius priests, New Hieromartyrs, and Elizabeth the martyr, November 1; Basil, Peter, Basil, Alexander, Vladimir, Sergius, Nicholas, Vicentius, John, Peter, Alexander, Paul, Cosmas the priests and Simeon the deacon, New Hieromartyrs, November 3; Alexander, priest, New Hieromartyr, November 4; Gabriel, priest, New Hieromartyr, November 5; Nicitas bishop of Orekhovo-Zuev, Anatoly, Arsenius, Nicholas, Nicolas, Constantine priests, Barlaam, Gabriel, Gabriel, New Hieromartyrs, Nina and Seraphima the Hieromartyrs, November 6; Cyril (Smirnov) metropolitan of Kazan, Michael, Alexander, Aleksander, Michael, Aleksander, Nicolas, Alexis, Paul, Basil, Nicolas, Paulinus priests, John and Benjamin deacons, hieromartyrs, Nicolas, Gregory and Elisabeth the Martyrs, November 7; Paul the priest, New Hieromartyr, November 8; Parthenius bishop of Ananiev, Constantine, Demetrius, Nestor, Theodore, Constantine, Victor, Elias priests, Joseph deacon and Alexis, New Hieromartyrs, November 9; Prokopius (Titov) archbishop of Odessa, Augustine (Belyaev), archbishop of Kaluga, Dionisius, John, John Peter and Ioanicius, the priests, New Hieromartyrs, Alexis, Appolon, Michael the Martyrs November 10; Eugene, priest, New Hieromartyr, November 11; Constantine, Vladimir, Alexander, Matthew, Demetrius priests, New Hieromartyrs, November 12; Demetrius, Alexander, Victor, Alexis, Michael, Michael, Theodore, Peter, Alexis, Sergius, Nicholas, Basil, Alexander, Nicholas, Demetrius, Demetrius, Porphirius, Basil, George, Basil, Sergius the priests, Nicholas the deacon, Aristrah, New Hieromartyrs, Gabriel and Anna, the Martyrs, November 14; Nicholas and Peter priests, Gregory and Nicitas deacons, New Hieromartyrs, November 15; John, Nicholas, Victor, Basil, Makarius and Michael priests, Panteleimon, New Hieromartyrs, November 16; Porphirius (Gulevich) bishop of Simpheropol an Crimeria, Ioasaph (Udalov) bishop of Chistopol, Barpholomeus (Ratnykh), monk, Vladimir Pischulin, Demetrius Kiranov, John Bliumovich, Nicholas Mezentsev, priest Thimoty Izotov, priests, Sergius, Michael, , John, Constantine, Alexander, Ignatius, Simeon, John, John, Demetrius, Jacob, Jacob priests, Ioasaph, Peter, Gregory, Benjamin, Gerasim, Michael, deacon Antonius (Korzh), New Hieromartyrs, Alexandra Valentine, Peter, Leonid, Thimoty the Martyrs, November 19; Macarius bishop of Ecaterinoslav, Alexis, Alexander, Vladimir, John, Alexis, Basil, Nicholas, John, Emilian, Nocolos priests, New Hieromartyrs, and Arsenius, Eutihius and Hillarion, Ioanicus the hegumen, Tatiana, Hieromartyrs, November 20; Alexander Khotovitsky of New York and Alexis Benemansky of Tver, priests and New Martyrs, November 21; Iosaph bishop of Mogilev, John, Basil, Paul, Jacob, Theodore, John, Ilia, Alexis, Aphanasius priests and Gerasimus the New Hieromartyrs, November 22; Boris bishop of Ivanonsk, Eleazar Spyridonov of Eupatoria priest, Crimea and Martyr Alexander, New Hieromartyr, November 23; Eugine, Michael, Alexander, Alexis, John, Cornelius, and Metrophanes priests, New Hieromartyrs , and Virgin-martyr Anysia, November 24; Seraphim archbishop of Smolensk, Gregory, John, Basil, Cosmas, John, Simeon, Hilarion, Iaroslav, Alexander, John, Victor, Andrew priests and Martyr Paul, November 25; Nicholas, John, Gregory and Nazarius, Basil, Basil, Ilia, Basil, Daniel, Michael, Nicholas priests, Tikhon, Piter, New Hieromartyrs, November 26; Nicholas archbishop of Vladimir, Basil, Boris, Theodore, Nicholas, Alexis, John, Sergius, John, Sergius, Nicholas priests, , Ioasaf, Cronides, Nicholas, Xenophon, Alexis, Appolos, Seraphim, Nicholas, New Hieromartyrs, and John the Martyr, November 27; Seraphim (Chichagov), metropolitan of of Leningrad and Gdovsk, St. Petersburg, New Hieromartyr, Peter, Alexis, Alexis priests, New Hieromartyrs, November 28; John ,priest, New Hieromartyr, November 30;
  • December: Constantine, Nicholas, Sergius, Vladimir, John, Theodore, Nicholas, John, Nicholas priests, Danact, Cosmas, New Hieromartyrs, Theuromia, Tamara, Antonina, and Mary, Mary and Matrona the martyrs, December 2; Alexander Hotovitzky, missionary of America, hieromartyr of the Bolshevik yoke, (b. 1872 ), December 4; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr and Ecaterine and Cyra, Virgin-martyrs, December 4; Sergius, Michael and Sergius priests, Nicephore deacon and Galaction, New Hieromartyrs, and John the Martyr, December 7; Sergius, New Hieromartyr, December 8; Basil and Alexander priests, New Hieromartyrs, December 9; Anatolius, Alexander, Eugine, Constantine, Michael, Nicholas priests, Peter, Michael, Dorotheus, Laurentius, Gregory, and Alexandra, Tatiana and, Eudocia, new hieromatyrs, December 10; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, December 11; Vladimir, Alexander, Jacob priests, New Hieromartyrs, December 13; Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, December 14; Arcadius, bishop of Bezhetsk, and Elias, Paul, Theodosius, Vladimir, and Alexander, Peter priests, New Hieromartyrs, Makarius the Martyr, December 16; Peter and John, priests, New Hieromartyrs, December 17; Thaddeus (Uspensky), archbishop of Tver, Nicholas archbishop of Velikoustiuzh, James, John, Vladimir, and Nicolas the priests, New Hieromartyrs, December 18;Sergius the Hieromartyr, December 21; Leonidas bishop of Mariysk, Andrew (Ukhtomsky), bishop of Ufa, Alexander priest, Anthisa, Makaria and Valentina December 26; Martyr Antonina, December 27; Hieromartyrs Theoctistus, Leonid priests, December 28; Michael Hieromartyr priest December 31;


  • January: Alexander, archbishop of Samara and with him John, Alexander, John, Alexander, Trophime, Viacheslav, Basil and James priests, New Hieromartyrs, January 1; Matthew, Martyr January 5; Paphnutius, Martyr, January 7; Demetrius, Vladimir priests hieromartyrs, Michael Martyr January 8; Anatolius, Metropolitan of Odessa, New Hieromartyr, January 10; Paul the priest, hieromartyr, January 17, Vladimir, Nicholas, Sergius Alexander priests, New Hieromartyrs, January 18; Elias the priest, New Hieromartyr, January 21; John, Nicholas, Jacob, Peter, John, John, John and Euthymius priest, new hieromartyrs, January 22; Seraphim the new mieromartyr, martyrs Evdokia, Ecaterine and Militsa, January 23; Stephen priest, martyr Boris, January 25; Ignatius bishop of Skopinsk, Arcadius, Vladimir and Bartholomeus the hieromartyrs, and John and Olga the Martyrs, January 28;
  • February: Nicholas the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 1; Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, and Michael the Martyr, February 2; John, Timothy priests, New Hieromartyrs, and Vladimir, Martyr, February 3; Eustaphius, John, Alexander, Sergius, John, Theodora, Aleksander, Nicholas, Alexis, Nicholas, Alexis, Alexander, Arcadius, Boris, Michael, Nicholas, Alexis, Andrew, Demetrius, John, Peter priests, the New Hieromartyrs, Martyrs Seraphim, Rafaila, Anna, Catherine, John, Basil, Demetrius, Theodore, and Demetrius, February 4; Matushka Agatha of Bielorussia, New Martyrs, February 5; Alexander the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 6; Alexander the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 7; Simeon, Andrew, Sergius and Peter, priests and the New Hieromartyrs, February 8; John the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 9; Anatole (Greesiuk), metropolitan of Odessa, the New Martyr, February 10; Hieromartyr Theodosius priest, January 11; Zosimas, Nicholas, Basil, John, Leontius, Vladimir, Parthenius, John, John, Michael priests hieromartyrs, and Martyrs Paul, Anna, Vera and Irina, February 13; Tryphon the deacon, New Hieromartyr, February 14; Nicholas, Alexis, Alexis the priests and Simeon the deacon, New Hieromartyrs, Paul and Sophia the martyrs, February 15; Paul the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 16; Michael and Paul the priests and New Hieromartyrs, February 17; Benjamin the hieromonk, Hieromartyr, February 18; Nicholas the priest, New Hieromartyr, February 20; Constantine priest, Paul deacon the Hieromartyrs and Olga the Martyr, February 21; Michael, John, Victor, John, Sergius, Andrew priests, Sergius and Antipa the New Hieromartyrs, Parasceva, Stephen, Elizabeth, Irina and Barbara the martyrs, February 22; Alexis, Nicholas priests and New Hieromartyrs, and Sergius Martyr, February 23; Alexander, the priest, Mstislava, the martyrs, February 25; John, bishop of Rylsk and John the priest, New Hieromartyrs, February 26; Peter the priest and Hieromartyr, Martyr Michael, February 27;
  • March: Basil, Peter, John, Benjamin, Michael priests and New Hieromartyrs, Anthony, Anna, Daria, Eudokia, Alexandra, Basil, Nadezhda the martyrs, March 1; Martha and Michael the martyrs, March 3; Alexander the priest, New Hieromartyr, March 4; John the priest, Mardarius and Theopanethe New Hieromartyrs, March 5; Nilus, Matrona, Mary, Eudocia, Ecaterina, Antonina, Nadezhda, Xenia, and Anna the martyrs, March 7; Michael, Alexis, Demetrius, Sergius, Sergius priests and Nicholas deacon, Iosaph, New Hieromartyrs and Natalia and Alexandra the martyrs, March 9; Demetrius, priest and New Hieromartyr, March 10; John the priest and Vladimir the New Hieromartyrs, March 12; Michael priest and New Hieromartyr, March 13; Demetrius, priest and New Hieromartyr, March 15; Demetrius the priest, New Hieromartyr, Natalia the Virgin-martyr, March 18; Matrona, saint, March 19; Basil the deacon, New Hieromartyr, March 20; Theodore Pozdeyev, Archbishop, New Martyr, March 21; Basil, Stephen priests, the New Hieromartyr, Anastasia, Alexis, James, the New Martyrs, March 23; Basil, priest and New Hieromartyr, March 28; John, priest New Hieromartyr, March 31;
  • April: Sergius the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 1; Flegont the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 10; Nicholas the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 11; Sergius the New Hieromartyr, priest, April 12; Alexis, priest and New Hieromartyr, April 21; Sergius the Martyr, April 24, Sergius the Martyr, April 25; Mary the martyr, April 27; Anna the martyr, April 28;
  • May: Nina the martyr, May 1; Demetrius the priest, New Hieromartyr, May 9; Pachomius, archbishop of Chernigov, New Hieromartyrs, May 15; Onuphrius, archbishop of Kursk; Anthony, bishop of Belgorod, and with him priests Metrophan, Alexander, Michael, Matthew, Hippolytus, Nicholas, Basil, Nicholas, Maxim, Alexander, Paul, and Paul, the New Hieromartyrs and Martyrs Michael and Gregory, May 19; John the deacon, New Hieromartyr, and martyr Andrew, May 29;
  • June: Michael the priest, New Hieromartyr, June 3; Onuphrius the bishop, New hieromartyr, June 12; Nicholas, Alexander, Paul priests and Nicholas deacon, New Hieromartyrs, June 14; Nicanor, Basil, Alexander, Basil and Sergius the priests, New Hieromartyrs, June 18; Alexis, Paul and Nicholas priests, Ionna, New Hieromartyrs, June 21; Theodore and Gabriel the New Hieromartyrs, June 22; Sebastiana, the martyr, June 28;
  • July: Peter the deacon, new hieromartyr, July 15; Alexis the priest, New Hieromartyr, July 20; Peter, priest, New Hieromartyr, July 21; Andrew the martyr, July 23; Alexis priest, and Pachomius, New Hieromartyr, July 29;
  • August: Nicholas, priest and New Hieromartyr, August 3; John, deacon, New Hieromartyr, August 5 Dimitry (Lyubimov), archbishop of Gdov, Sergius (Tikhomirov), the priest, New Hieromartyrs August 6; Basil, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 7; Nicodemus (Krotov), archbishop of Kostroma and Galich, New Hieromartyr, August 8; Vladimir, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 20; Vladimir Moschansky, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 25; Peter, priest, and Gregory, priest confessor, New Hieromartyrs, August 26; Ignatius (Lebedev), Schema-archimandrite of St. Peter's Monastery, New Hieromartyr, August 30; Demetrius, New Hieromartyr, August 31;
  • October: Ismael Rozhdestvensky, Archpriest in Strelna (St. Petersburg), New Hieromartyr, October 1; Maximilian the New Hieromartyr, October 14; Alexis, priest, New Hieromartyr, October 16; Peter the priest, New Martyr, October 24; Innocent the New Hieromartyr, October 31;


  • 1939 Nicholas the priest, Hieromartyr, January 4; Basil, priest, Hieromartyr, January 7; Eugene the Schemamonk of Bielorussia, February 5; Parasceva, Martyr, March 26; John the Martyr, March 28; Eudocia the Martyr, April 7; Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, May 9; Peter, priest and New Hieromartyr, May 14; Tavrion the New Hieromartyr, May 25; Peter the priest, New Hieromartyr, June 27; Theogenes, New Hieromartyr, June 30; Aleksander, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 27; Nicander the priest, New Hieromartyr, September 24; Vladimir, priest, New Hieromartyr, September 26;
  • 1940 John, Martyr January 7; Theodore the Martyr, January 19; Paul the priest, New Hieromartyr, January 20; Michael, New Hieromartyr and priest, March 15; John, priest, New Hieromartyr, April 23; Alexander archbishop of Kharkov, New Hieromartyr, May 11; Damjan (Damian) Strbac of Grahovo, Serbia, New Hieromartyr, May 18; Basil, priest, New Hieromartyr, and martyr Vera, June 1; Demetrius, priest, New Hieromartyr, June 13; Basil the priest, New Hieromartyr, June 25; Gregory the deacon, New Hieromartyr, June 28; Milan Popovic of Rmanj, Serbia, New Hieromartyr, June 30; Vladimir, priest, New Hieromartyr, August 27; Theodore, New Hieromartyr, October 1; Leontius the deacon, Hieromartyr, December 21; Alexander the priest, New Hieromartyr, October 12; Theodore, priest, New Hieromartyr, November 14; Bassian confessor, archbishop of Tambov, December 14;

1940 to 1949

  • 1941-45 Croatian Catholic Ustasa terrorists kill 500,000 Orthodox Serbs, expel 250,000 and force 250,000 to convert to Catholicism; Momcilo Grgurevic, Dobroslav Blazenovic, Milan Bozic, Mihailo Djusic, Jovan Zecevic, Bozidar Jovic, Bogdan Lalic, Trifun Maksimovic, Velimir Mijatovic, Bozidar Minic, Miladin Minic, Marko Popovic, Dimitrije Rajanovic, Budimir Sokolovic, Relja Spahic, Lazar Culibrk, Savo Siljac, Savo Skaljka, Milorad Vukojicic, Ratomir Jankovic, Mihailo Jevdjevic, Dusan Prijovic, Dobrosav Sokovic, Nestor Trkulja, Serafim Dzaric, Andrija Siljak, Slobodan Siljak, and Jovan Rapajic, New Hieromartyrs of Serbia, July 11; Simo Banjac and Milan Stojisavljevic and his son Martyr Milan of Glamoc, Serbia, New Hieromartyrs, July 21; Vukosav Milanovic and Rodoljub Samardzic of Kulen Bakufa, New Hieromartyrs, Serbia, July 25; New Martyrs of Jasenovac (Serbia), August 31;
  • 1943 Paul the priest, New Hieromartyr, January 9; Sergius the priest and New Hieromartyr, March 12; John the Martyr, April 4; James the priest, New Hieromartyr, April 6; Sergius Zacharczuk Priest of Nabroz (Chelm and Podlasie, Poland), New Hieromartyr, April 23; Nicolas the deacon, New Hieromartyr, May 4; Nicolas, priest, New Hieromartyr, June 5; Pelagia the Martyr, June 17; Theodore the New martyr, July 6; Alexander Schmorell, July 13; Paul Szwajko the Priest and Joanna the Presbytera, of Graboviec (Chelm and Podlasie, Poland), August 15; Miracle of the Theotokos in Orchomenos September 10; Alexandra, Virgin-martyr, September 17; Seraphim (Zagorovsky), confessor Hieromonk of Kharkov, Martyr, September 30;
  • 1943-44 Hundreds of Orthodox priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church eliminated, tortured and drowned by Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Ukrainian Rebel Army, aided by Uniate Metr. Josyf Slipyj who was a spiritual leader of Nazi military units that were later condemned by the Nuremberg tribunal, and who was imprisoned by Soviet authorities for aiding the UPA.

1950 to 1959

  • 1951 John the confessors, priest, July 24;
  • 1955 Nicholas, mitropolitan confessor of Alma-Ata, New Hieromartyr, October 12
  • 1957 John (Maisuradze), confessor of Georgia, January 21, Raphael the confessor, Venerable, June 6;

1960 to 1969

  • 1962 Athanasius (Sakharov) the Confessor, bishop of Kovrov, October 15;
  • 1963 Matrona the Confessor of Diveyevo, October 25;
  • 1968 Venerable Eutropia Isayenkova of Kherson in Crimea, d. 105 yo March 29.

1970 to 1979

1980 to 1989

1990 to 1999

2000 to 2009


  1. Daniel 10:4
  2. Saint Ioachim and Anna brought gifts to the Lord's temple in Jerusalem on the yearly Feast of the Dedication (Hanukkah) and Feast of Lights (c.f. Macc 4:52-59; 2 Macc 10:5).
  3. St. Ioachim lived for 80 years and Anna for 79. They lived for around seven years after Mary was dedicated, making the holy Theotokos around 10 when they reposed.
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  6. The Syrian "Book of the Bee" suggests the names of the Nativity Sheperds to be Asher, Zebulun, Justus, Nicodemus, Joseph, Barshabba, and Jose.
  7. The apocryphal account, "The History of Joseph", a 4th century document the last years of Joseph's life. According to St. Epiphanios of Cyprus (c315-403), the Elder Joseph lived to a profound old age, having entered into rest at the age of one hundred and ten years old. He reposed just before Christ entered His public ministry to preach the Gospel
  8. The Ministry of St. John the Baptist begins in the "15th year of Tiberius" (Luke 3:1-2). He preaches, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near" (Matt 3:1-2) and baptising Christ in the Jordan (Mark 1:4-11)
  9. Quoting Isaiah 61:1-2), the Savior proclaimed, "The spirit of the Lord is upon me; because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent me to proclaim release to captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord…" This scene is depicted in a Vatican manuscript (Vatican, Biblioteca. Cod. Gr. 1613, p.1).
  10. The three year ministry of Christ includes the appointment of the Twelve Apostles, Sermon on the Mount, miracles, transfiguration, etc
  11. The execution of Saint John the Baptist has been recorded in "Antiquitates Judaicae" in Latin published by the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus about 93 or 94 AD, 18.5.2
  12. 30AD is thought to be the most accurate dating of the death, resurrection and Pentecost amongst academics and has been used for this article in lieu of 33AD.
  13. At the time of her death tradition states she was in her early fifties.
  14. The Great Synaxaristes
  15. Gamaliel is celebrated as a Pharisee doctor of Jewish Law, who was the teacher of Apostle Paul; the author of the Book of Acts portrays Gamaliel with great respect (Acts 5:34, 22:3)
  16. According to tradition, Hierotheus was present with St. Dionysius the Areopagite at the Dormition of the Theotokos. Tradition is not clear whether he is the first Bishop of Athens since other traditions place Dionysius in this role.
  17. Apostle Andrew is traditionally thought to have been martyred in Achaia at Patras by cruxifixion.
  18. The death of James the Just is also recorded in "Antiquitates Judaicae" published by the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, 20.9.1
  19. Source: w:First Martyrs of the Church of Rome
  20. Noble Roman ladies, disciples of the Apostles Paul and Peter, whose bodies they buried. They were martyred under Nero.
  21. A virgin martyred in Terni in Italy at the same time as Bishop Valentine.
  22. The first bishop of Rome. A disciple of the Apostle Paul, he was one of the Seventy and is mentioned in 2 Timothy 4:21. He was bishop for twelve years and is venerated as a martyr.
  23. An aged woman who welcomed the Apostle Peter in Naples and was miraculously healed by him. In her turn she convered St. Aspren who became the first Bishop of Naples.
  24. A matron from Rome baptised by the Apostle Peter who converted her husband and her son, St. Nazarius. Her relics are enshrined in Milan and Cremona in Italy.
  25. Dating by Anti-Marcionite Prologue to the Gospel of Luke.
  26. The slave who ran away from his master Philemon and was converted by St. Paul in Rome and was the occasion of the Apostle's letter to Philemon.
  27. By tradition he was consecrated first Bishop of Catania in Sicily by the Apostle Peter, with whom he had travelled from Antioch. He reposed in extreme old age.
  28. By tradition ordained by the Apostle Peter as first pastor of Fiesole, he was martyred with several companions under Domitian
  29. By tradition he was a priest martyred in Rome, perhaps under Domitian.
  30. The disciple that St. Paul greets in Romans 16:13.
  31. By tradition, a Galilean and the first bishop, and also martyr, of the Abruzzi in Italy.
  32. Brother of the Emperor Vespasian and uncle of Titus and Domitian, whose niece, Flavia Domitilla, he married. In 95AD he held a consular office together with Domitian. The following year Domitian beheaded him for the Christian faith.
  33. The date is uncertain. Early sources noted that he died a natural death, perhaps in Greece. A tradition dated from the ninth century tells of his martyrdom in Crimea in 102 by drowning when thrown overboard from a boat with a ship’s anchor tied to him.
  34. They belonged to the circle of Flavia Domitilla, whome they accompanied in exile to the island of Ponza. Eventually they retured to Rome and were martyred under Trajan.
  35. Pretorian soldiers, by tradition baptised by the Apostle Peter, and exiled with Flavia Domitilla to Pontia and later to Terracina in Italy
  36. A missionary in Spain in the Apostolic Age
  37. Account of the miracle that occured at his grave: When over 100 years old, St. John took seven disciples outside of Ephesus and had them dig a grave in the shape of a cross. St. John then went into the grave, and the disciples buried him there, alive. Later on, when his grave was opened, St. John’s body was not there. ‘On May 8 of each year, dust rises up from his grave, by which the sick are healed of various diseases.’
  38. The Holy Apostle Zenas of the Seventy, a disciple and co-worker with the first-ranked Apostle Paul, was called a lawyer, since he was a learned man and led juridical matters in church courts. He is mentioned in the Epistle of the holy Apostle Paul to Titus (Titus 3:13): "Help Zenas the lawyer and Apollos on their way; see that they lack nothing." Afterwards, St Zenas became bishop of the city of Diospolis (or Lydda) in Palestine.
  39. The crucifixion of Symeon possibly includes Jewish involvement: From Eusebius' Church History 3.32.4: "And the same writer says that his accusers also, when search was made for the descendants of David, were arrested as belonging to that family." Sidenote 879: "This is a peculiar statement. Members of the house of David would hardly have ventured to accuse Symeon on the ground that he belonged to that house. The statement is, however, quite indefinite. We are not told what happened to these accusers, nor indeed that they really were of David’s line, although the ὡσ€ν with which Eusebius introduces the charge does not imply any doubt in his own mind, as Lightfoot quite rightly remarks. It is possible that some who were of the line of David may have accused Symeon, not of being a member of that family, but only of being a Christian, and that the report of the occurrence may have become afterward confused."
  40. The account of Scillitan Martyrs is based on trial records, though it has been embellished with miraculous and apocryphal material.
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  42. There relics are venerated in the non-Orthodox Holy Trinity church in Lyon, France.
  43. The holy relics of Euplus of Catania are in the village of Vico della Batonia, near Naples.
  44. Sts. Anicetus and Photius are mentioned in the prayers for the Blessing of Oil and the Lesser Blessing of Water (BOOK OF NEEDS, 1987, p. 230).
  45. The accuracy of the dating is in question; some sources state that there were actually two Adrians martyred at Nicomedia, one under Diocletian, and one under Licinius. Saint Hadrian shares a feast day with his wife on September 8; he also has feast day alone on March 4 and August 26.
  46. Lives of the Saints for the Whole Year by St. Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain (18th century)
  47. According to the Coptic Orthodox Synaxarium this date is 392. He was ninety-seven years old.
  48. Maximilian, Iamblicus, Martinian, John, Dionysius, Exacustodianus (Constantine) and Antoninus.
  49. Famous for how many children he had
  50. Passarion founded a monastery in Jerusalem. He was a chorepiskopos and a converser with St. Euthymius the Great.
  51. Saint Cloud was ordained a priest by Bishop Eusebius of Paris in 551.
  52. It is implied that Caedmon lived at Streonæshalch during Hilda’s abbacy (657–680). Book IV Chapter 25 of the Historia ecclesiastica appears to suggest that Cædmon’s death occurred at about the same time as the fire at Coldingham Abbey, an event dated in the E-text of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle to 679, but after 681 by Bede.
  53. Saint Anastasius of Sinai should not be confused with Saint Anastasius I of Antioch also called Anastasius of Sinai and venerated on the same day. They lived in separate centuries.
  54. Andrew of Crete: Church historians are divided on the date of his death. Some suggest 712 and others 726.
  55. Basil the Confessor is not to be confused with Basil the Confessor the companion of the venerable Procopius at Decapolis who is commemorated February 28.
  56. Barlaam of the Kiev Caves was glorified in the 11th century.
  57. Anthony of the Kiev Caves was glorified in the 11th century.
  58. The miracles of this icon were described by St. Demetrius of Rostov
  59. Saint Alexander Nevsky was recognised as a saint by the Church of Russia in 1547.
  60. Painted by [{Theophan the Greek]].
  61. Canonised in 1452.
  62. See Fall of Constantinople
  63. St. Evfimy's life appeared in a menion as early as 1494 and he was formally canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church's Moscow Council of 1549.
  64. OCA date him to 1460, however, the List of Patriarch has a Niphon II dated later than this period. These dates will require confirmation.
  65. St. Daniel the Hermit was officially glorified by the Synod of the Church of Romania in 1992.
  66. Artemius of Verkola was a twelve year old struck by lightning in a field. His relics were taken to the church of St. Nicholas in 1577,
  67. Buried at the church of the holy Princes Boris and Gleb. In an encyclical of 1547, Metropolitan Macarius enjoined "the singing and celebration at Moscow for the new Wonderworker Maximus, Fool-for-Christ." after miraculous healings began to occur.
  68. St. Cornelius of the Pskov Caves martyrdom is recorded in the old manuscripts of the Trinity-Sergiev Lavra
  69. According to the synaxarion of the Ormylia monastery, Athanasius of Brest-Litovsk was decapitated by the Polish-Lithuanian government persecutors and his corpse thrown into a pit. It was found some time later incorrupt.
  70. The relics of Athanasius of Attalia are buried in the church of St. Paraskevi in Smyrna.
  71. Authenticity of this event include historical notes by the great saint, Athanasius of Paros.
  72. Metr. Antimos of Iberia glorified by Church of Romania in 1992 and later by Church of Georgia.
  73. Saint Innocent of Irkutsk (1680-1731) is the first bishop of Irkutsk in central Siberia.
  74. Athanasius studied under Athanasius Paros in Thessaloniki and became a monk. Not willing to convert to the Islamic faith, he was hung and buried near the Church of St. Paraskeve
  75. St. Kosmas of Aetolia (b. Aetolia, Greece 1714-1779) is a prophet, New Hieromartyr and Equal to the Apostles
  76. From Witnesses For Christ: Orthodox Christian Neomartyrs of the Ottoman Period 1437-1860 by Nomikos Michael Vaporis, pp. 306-307.
  77. The Names of these fathers are: Monk Michael (subjected to the harshest tortures), Otar (stabbed), Hieromonk Gerontius (beheaded), Hieromonk Serapion (beheaded), Monk Herman (stabbed in stomach) and 18 year old Simeon (beheaded) by the Dagestani army.
  78. Account and date witnessed by the Hieromonk Isaac of Gaenati in 1853.
  79. Saint Ambrose of Optina was canonised in 1988 by the local council of the Russian Orthodox Church
  80. Alexander (Okropiridze) of Guria and Samegrelo, saint of the Church of Georgia
  81. Metropolitan and ethnomartyr Chrysostomos (Kalafatis) of Smyrna was canonise in 1993
  82. Saint Alexis (Kabaliuk) of Carpathia was glorified by the Church of Ukraine (Moscow Patriarchate) in 2001. His relics are in Iza of the Ukraine.
  83. http://www.orthodox.cn/localchurch/harbin/stefanwu_en.htm

Twentyfirst century (2001-Present)

  • 2011
    • March 5 Glorification of St. Ephraim of Nea Makri by the Ecumenical Patriarchate on March 5;
    • August 9 Venerable Eutropia Isayenkova of Kherson (+1968) in Crimea glorified a local saint by the Ukranian Orthodox Chuch;
    • September 12 relics of New-martyr Kyranna of Ossa discovered under the Holy Altar of the Church of the Archangels in Ossa;
    • October 11 Transfer of the relics of New-Martyr Kyranna of Ossa (+1751) by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew from the Church of the Archangels in the village of Ossa in Lagada.

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