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Alphege (c. 953 – April 19, 1012), was an Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Winchester, and in 1006 became the 28th Archbishop of Canterbury. Alphege (or Ælfheah, from the Old English: Ælfhēah, "elf-high"), also called Elphege or Godwine, became an anchorite before being elected abbot of Bath Abbey. His perceived piety and sanctity led to his promotion to the episcopate, and eventually, to his becoming archbishop. Alphege furthered the cult of St. Dunstan of Canterbury and also encouraged learning. He was captured by Viking raiders in 1011 and killed by them the following year after refusing to allow himself to be ransomed. Alphege was glorified as a saint in 1078. Thomas Becket, a later Archbishop of Canterbury, prayed to him just before his own murder in Canterbury Cathedral.

He is commemorated on April 19.