March 17

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Raising of Lazarus the Just, the friend of Christ
Saint Alexis the Man of God
Saint Patrick of Ireland

Saint Lazarus the Righteous (Lazarus the Just), the friend of Christ (1st c.); Martyr Marinus of Caesarea, soldier, at Caesarea in Palestine (262); Saint Ambrose, Deacon, disciple of St. Didymus the Blind of Alexandria (400); Venerable Alexis the Man of God, in Rome (411) - (see also July 17 - Western Church); Monk-martyr Paul of Crete, defender of icons, burned alive under Constantine V Copronymus (767); Venerable Theosterictus the Confessor, Abbot of Pelecete Monastery near Prusa (826); Martyrs Alexander and Theodore, early martyrs in Rome; Venerable Patrick, Bishop of Armagh and Enlightener of Ireland (461); Saint Llinio of Llandinam, Abbot and Founder of Llandinam, Powys, Wales (520); Saint Agricola (Agrele, Aregle), ascetic and Bishop of Châlon-sur-Saône in France (580); Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, Abbess of Nivelles, patroness of travellers (659); Saint Beccan of Rhum (677); Saint Withburga, Princess of East Anglia, hermitess whose holy well is at East Dereham (ca.743); Venerable Macarius, Abbot and Wonderworker of Kalyazin (1483); Venerable Hieromartyr Gabriel the Lesser, of Gareji, Georgia (1802); Hieromartyr Theodoulos the Sinaite (1822); Saint Gurij Karpov, Archbishop of Tauria and Simferopol (1882); New Hieromartyr Alexander Polivanov of Krasnoyarsk, Priest (1919); New Hieromartyr Victor Kiranov of Berdyansk, Protopresbyter of Simferopol-Crimea (1942); Other Commemorations: Commemoration of the Great Earthquake of 790 AD, under Emeperor Constantine VI; Repose of Lulach, last Orthodox King of Scotland (1058); Repose of Archbishop Tikhon (Troitsky) of San Francisco (1963).