March 10

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The Holy Trinity

Martyr Codratus (Quadratus), and with him Martyrs Cyprian, Dionysius, Anectus, Paul, Crescens, and Dionysius (another), at Corinth (251); Martyrs Victorinus, Victor, Nicephorus, Claudius, Diodorus, Serapion, Papias, Leonidas, Chariessa, Nunechia, Basilissa, Nice, Galla, Galina, Theodora and others, at Corinth (251 or 258); Martyrs Codratus, Saturninus, and Rufinus, of Nicomedia (250-259) (see also March 7); Martyr Marcian, by scourging; Saint Anastasia the Patrician, of Alexandria, who concealed her beauty as "Anastasios the Eunuch" (567); Saint George Arselaites (6th century); Venerable Agathon, ascetic at the Monastery of St Symeon near Aleppo in Syria; Martyr Victor, in North Africa under Decius; Saint Silvester, a companion of St Palladius in enlightening Ireland (c. 420); Saint Simplicius, Pope of Rome (468-483), who upheld the decisions of the Council of Chalcedon against Monophysitism and dealt with the Arian King Odoacer after the Fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 (483); Saint Droctoveus (Drotté), a disciple of St Germanus of Paris (c. 580); Saint Kessog of Lennox (Mackessog), Irish missionary active in the Lennox area and southern Perthshire, Bishop of Loch Lomond (c. 560); Saint Sedna (Sétna), Bishop of Ossory in Ireland and a friend of St Luanus (c. 570); Saint Attalus (Attala), Abbot of Bobbio Abbey (626); Saint Emilian (Eminian), a monk and then Abbot of Lagny (Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Lagny) in France (675); Saint Himelin, an Irish or Scottish priest (c. 750); Saint Failbhe the Little (Fáilbe mac Pípáin), Abbot of Iona in Scotland (754); Venerable John of Khakhuli Monastery, Georgia, called Chrysostom ("Golden Mouth"), reposed on Mt. Athos (10th-11th century); New Martyr Michael of Agrapha (Michael (Maurudisos) of Soluneia), at Thessalonica (1544 or 1547) (see also March 21); Saint Paul of Taganrog (Pavel of Taganrog) (1879); Saint Alexander (Badanin), Priest, of Vologda (1913) New Hieromartyr Demetrius Legeydo, Priest (1938); Other Commemorations: Commemoration of the Desert-dwellers of the Roslavl Forests near Bryansk.