March 14

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Saint Benedict of Nursia

Martyrs Basil and Euphrasius, together with other Christians, in Thessaloniki; Martyr Phronimus of Thessaloniki; Martyr Florentius, in Thessaloniki, by fire; Martyr Alexander, in Thessaloniki (c. 285-305); Martyr Eustathius and his company, at Carrhae, Mesopotamia (741); Venerable Euschemon the Confessor, Bishop of Lampsacus (9th century); Holy 47 Martyrs of Rome, baptised by the Apostle Peter, and suffered in Rome under Nero, all on the same day (c. 67); Hieromartyr Leo, Bishop and Martyr, perhaps under the Arians, in the Agro Verano in Italy; Martyrs Peter and Aphrodisius, who obtained the crown of martyrdom in the persecution of the Vandals (5th century); Monk-Martyrs of Valeria, in the province of Valeria, Italy, slain by the Lombards (5th century); Venerable Benedict of Nursia, Abbot (543) (see also July 11 in the West); Saint Diaconus, a deacon in the Marsi in central Italy, martyred together with two monks by the Lombards (6th century); Saint Boniface Curetán, a Scoto-Pictish Bishop of Ross (c. 630 or 660); Saint Talmach, a disciple of St Barr at Lough Erc in Ireland, and founder of a monastery (7th century); Saint Matilda (Mathildis, Maud), wife of German king Henry the Fowler, who founded the monasteries of Nordhausen, Pöhlde, Engern and Quedlinburg in Germany (968); Saint Rostislav-Michael, Great Prince of Kiev (1167); Saint Theognostus of Kiev, the Greek Metropolitan of Kiev and all Rus' (1353); Venerable Andreas (Andrew) of Russia (1820); Repose of Blessed John, Fool-for-Christ of Yurievets (1893); Other Commemorations: Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of St. Theodore ("Feodorovskaya"), Kostroma (1239, 1613) (see also August 16).