March 3

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The Holy Trinity

Martyrs Eutropius and Cleonicus of Amasea, and Basiliscus of Comana (308); Venerable Piama of Egypt, virgin (337); Hieromartyr Theodoretus, Bishop, of Antioch, by beheading (361-363); Venerable Alexandra of Alexandria (4th century); Venerable Saints Zenon and Zoilus; Venerable Shio Mgvime, monk, of Georgia (6th century); Saint John IV (Chrysostom), Catholicos of Georgia (1001); Saint John V (Chrysostom), Catholicos of Georgia (1048); Martyrs Hemeterius and Cheledonius, believed to have been soldiers, suffered in Calahorra in Old Castile (ca. 298) Saint Camilla, disciple of St Germanus of Auxerre, where she lived as an anchoress (ca. 437); Martyrs Felix, Luciolus, Fortunatus, Marcia and Companions, a group of forty martyrs in North Africa; Saint Winwaloe, Abbot of Landévennec Abbey, Brittany (ca. 530); Saint Titian of Brescia, Germanic by birth, became Bishop of Brescia in Italy (ca. 536); Saint Caluppan of Auvergne in Gaul (576); Saint Non (Nonnita, Nonna), mother of St. David of Wales (6th century); Saint Foila (Faile), virgin of Galway, sister of St Colgan (6th century); Saint Arthelais, one of the patron-saints of Benevento in Italy, where she fled from Constantinople (6th century); Saint Lamalisse (Molaise of Leighlin), a hermit in Scotland, he left his name to the islet of Lamlash off the coast of the Isle of Arran in Scotland (7th century); Saint Sacer (Mo-Sacra, Mosacra), founder of the monastery of Saggart near Dublin in Ireland (7th century); Saint Cele-Christ (Christicola), otherwise "Worshipper of Christ", a hermit who became a Bishop of Leinster (ca. 728); Saint Anselm, Abbott, founder of a monastery at Fanano, and the Nonantola Abbey (803); Saint Cunigunde of Luxembourg, wife of Henry II, founder of Kaufungen Abbey (1039); Holy 9 Martyrs of Georgia (Nine Brothers Kherkheulidze), at Marabda (1625) (see also August 3); Virgin-martyr Martha Kovrova and martyr Michael Stroeva (1938); Other Commemorations: Synaxis of the Volokolamsk Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (1572); Commemoration of Job Boretsky, Metropolitan of Kiev, Galicia and All-Rus' (1620-1631); Commemoration of Grigory Lisovsky, Metropolitan of Poltava (1927).