Piama of Egypt

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The holy and glorious Virgin Piama of Egypt (also Amma Piamun or Piamon) lived during the fourth century near Alexandria, Egypt. Her feast day is celebrated on March 3.


The Virgin Piama was born and lived in the vicinity of Alexandria, Egypt. She was a follower of Christ who for His sake refused to marry and led an ascetic life in the home of her mother, as in a hermitage. She took only a little food at the end of each day and spent her time in prayer and meditation. After prayer she spun flax and practiced needlework. St. Piama was granted the gift of discernment.

As it happened, a stronger village threatened to invade hers, and a crowd of men carrying spears and pointed sticks set out for her village, intent on destroying the village in their greed to divert water to their own fields when the Nile overflowed its banks. But an angel of the Lord appeared to Piama and told her of their wicked intent. This she reported to the village elders. The terrified elders fell on their knees before Piama and implored her to go to the neighboring people and dissuade them from their evil purpose.

Since she had shunned contact with people for a long time, Piama did not go to confront them. Instead, she went back to her own house and stood all night in prayer, hardly prostrating herself at all. As the morning dawned, the invaders stood transfixed, like columns of stone, unable to move. As it was revealed to them that they had been brought to a halt through the prayers of the servant of Christ, Piama, they made peace with her village, saying, "Thanks be to God and the prayers of Piama that we were prevented from doing you any harm."

The Virgin Piama peacefully fell asleep in the Lord in the year 337.