April 5

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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Martyrs Claudius, Diodorus, Victor, Victorinus, Pappias, Serapion and Nicephorus, at Corinth (251 or 258); Martyrs Theodulus, Reader, and Agathopodes, Deacon, and those with them, at Thessaloniki (303) (see also April 4) Martyr Zenon, by fire; Martyr Thermos (Fermus, Firmus), by fire; The Holy Noble Lady (sister of martyr Thermos/Fermus), along with her Servant, martyrs, by the sword; Martyrs Maximus and Terentius, by the sword; Martyr Pompeius, by the sword; Holy 5 Young Virgin-Martyrs of Nenidor of Lesbos, by the sword; Virgin-martyr Theodora and Martyr Didymus the Soldier, of Alexandria (304) (see also May 27); Venerable Martyr Ypomoni (Hypomoni, Evpomoni); Venerable Publius of Egypt, monk (4th century) (see also April 4); Saints Theonas, Symeon, and Phorbinus, of Egypt (4th century) (see also April 4); Venerable Mark the Anchorite of Athens (c. 400)' Saint Plato the Confessor, Abbot of the Studion Monastery (813) (see also April 4); Venerable Theodora of Thessalonica (886); Holy Martyrs of North-West Africa, a large group martyred at the Easter liturgy by Genseric, the Arian King of the Vandals (459); Saint Bécán (Began), one of the 'Twelve Apostles of Ireland' (6th century); Saint Derfel-Gadarn, a soldier and afterwards a hermit in Llanderfel in Gwynedd in Wales (6th century) (see also April 6) Saint Æthelburh of Kent, Queen and Abbess of Lyming (c. 647); Saint Argyre the Neomartyr of Prussa (1721); New Martyr George of Ephesus (1801); New Martyr Panagiotes of Jerusalem (1820); New Hieromartyr Alexis Krotenkov, Priest (1930); New Hieromartyr Nicholas Simo, Priest (1931); Other Commemorations: Translation of the relics (1652) of St. Job, Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus (1607); Repose of Righteous Symeon Klimych (1837); Repose of Elder Philemon of Valaam and Jordanville (1953); Martyrdom of the Optina monastics (Optina martyrs) on Pascha 1993: Hieromonk Vasily (Roslyakov) with Riassaphore-monks Therapontus (Pushkarev) and Trophimus (Tatarinov).