December 31

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The Nativity of Christ
Venerable Melania the Younger
Blessed Metropolitan Peter (Mogila) of Kiev

Leavetaking (Apodosis) of the Nativity of our Lord; Holy Ten Virgin-martyrs of Nicomedia (ca.286-305); Martyr Olympiodora, by fire; Martyr Busiris, martyred by women with knitting needles; Martyr Nemi (Nemo), by the sword; Saint Gaudentius; Hieromartyr Zoticus the Priest, of Constantinople, Guardian of Orphans (ca.340) (see also December 30 - Slavonic); Saint Anysius, Bishop of Thessaloniki (ca.407) (see also December 30 - Greek); Venerable Melania the Younger, nun of Rome (439); Venerable Gelasius, Monk (Abba), of Palestine; Venerable Gaius; Saint George the Wonderworker, "the stabbed"; Venerable Sabiana, Abbess of Samtskhe (11th c.); Saint Columba of Sens (273); Martyrs of Catania: Stephen, Pontian, Attalus, Fabian, Cornelius, Sextus, Flos, Quintian, Minervinus and Simplician, early martyrs in Catania in Sicily; Martyrs Donata, Paulina, Rustica, Nominanda, Serotina, Hilaria and Companions; Hieromartyrs Sabinian and Potentian (ca.303); Saint Sylvester I of Rome, Pope of Rome (335) (see also January 2 - East); Saint Barbatian, Priest and Confessor, at Ravenna (5th c.); Saint Peter of Subiaco (1003); Saint Theophylactus of Ochrid, Archbishop of Ochrid (ca. 1126); Venerable Cyriacus of Bisericani monastery, Romania (1660); Venerable Cyriacus of Tazlu, Romania (1660); New Hieromartyr Michael, Priest (1937); Martyr Peter (1938); New Hiero-Confessor Dositheus (Vasich) of Zagreb, Metropolitan of Zagreb (1945); Other Commemorations: Repose of Blessed Metropolitan Peter (Mogila) of Kiev, Defender of the Orthodox faithful against subjugation to the Roman Papacy ('Unia') (1646) (see also January 1 - Ukrainian); Finding of the body of Hieromartyr Nestor (Savchuk) (1993).