May 22

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Holy Fathers of the Second Ecumenical Council
Righteous Melchizedek
Saint Julia of Corsica

Feasts: Commemoration of the Holy Fathers of the Second Ecumenical Council (381); Saints: Righteous Melchizedek, King of Salem (ca. 2000 B.C.); Martyr Sophia the Healer (physician); Martyr Marcellus, by being placed in molten lead; Martyr Codratus (Quadratus), by being dragged by horses; Martyr Basiliscus of Comana, Bishop (ca.285-305); Saint Donatus of Thmuis, Bishop and Martyr (316); Saint John Vladimir, Prince of Bulgaria, King of Serbia, Great-martyr and Wonderworker (1015); Saint Ausonius, first Bishop of Angoulême (1st c. or 3rd c.); Saint Marcian of Ravenna, Bishop and Confessor (ca.127); Martyrs Castus and Emilius, by fire, in Carthage (250); Martyrs Timothy, Faustinus and Venustus, in Rome, under Julian the Apostate (362); Saint Helen of Carnarvon (Elen Luyddog, Helen of Caernarfon), Princess, a late 4th-century founder of churches in Wales, and wife of Emperor Magnus Clemens Maximus (383-388); Saint Helen of Auxerre (ca.418); Saint Julia of Corsica the martyr, who was crucified (5th c.); Saint Quiteria the virgin-martyr, in Spain (5th c.); Saint Romanus of Subiaco (Romanus of Auxerre), ascetic who ministered to Saint Benedict of Nursia (560); Saint Fulk (ca.600); Saint Boethian of Pierrepont (near Laon), Irish Benedictine monk, martyred in France (7th c.); Saint Conall (Conald, Coel), of Inniskeel (Inniscoel, Innis-coel), County Donegal, Abbot of the island monastery of Inniskeel, where there is a holy well dedicated to him (7th c.); Saint John of Parma, abbot of Saint John's at Parma from 973 to c.982, then under Cluniac observance (ca.982); Saint Bobo (Beuvon), hermit (ca.985); Saint Kali of Asia Minor (ca.14th c.); New Hieromartyr Zachariah of Prussa (1802); Blessed James, youth, of Borovichi (Novgorod), Wonderworker (1540); New Martyr Demetrios of Peloponnesos (1803) (see also April 14); New Monk-martyr Paul of Mt. Athos, at Tripolis in the Peloponnese (1818); New Hieromartyr Michael, priest (1942); Other Commemorations: Synaxis of the Cyprus Icon ("Sophianois" Icon) of the Most Holy Mother of God (also commemorated on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, Pentecost Monday, April 20, and July 9); Repose of Cleopas of Valaam, disciple of Saint Paisius Velichkovsky (1816); Repose of Eldress Macrina of Volos (1995).