May 30

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St. Emily
St. Isaac the Confessor

Saint Macrina the Elder, grandmother of St. Basil the Great (340); Saint Emmelia of Caesarea, mother of Saint Basil the Great (375) (see also January 1); Venerable Isaac the Confessor, founder of the Dalmatian Monastery at Constantinople (383); Martyrs Aphrodisius, Agapius, Eusebios, Charalampos and Christina, in Nicomedia, by fire; Martyrs Romanos and Teletios (Meletius), in Nicomedia, by the sword; Martyr Euplius (Efplos); Martyr Natalios, by the sword; Martyr Barlaam of Caesarea in Cappadocia; Hieromartyr Eutyches (see also August 24); Saint Cyprian of Antioch, reposed in peace. Martyrs Gabinus and Crispulus, at Torres in Sardinia, Protomartyrs of Sardinia (130); Pope Saint Felix I, who was the first to condemn the heresy of Paul of Samosata (274); Saint Venantius of Gaul, elder brother of St Honoratus of Lérins (374); Saint Exuperantius (Esuperantio), Bishop of Ravenna and Confessor (418); Saint Madelgisilus, Irish saint, disciple of St Fursey (655); Saint Anastasius of Pavia (680); Saint Hubert of Maastricht (Hugbert of Bretigny), the "Apostle of the Ardennes", first Bishop of Liège (727); Saint Gamo, monk and then Abbot of Brétigny near Noyon in France (8th c.); Saint Walstan, a farm labourer in Taverham and Costessey, remarkable for his charity (1016); Saint James, monk of Starotorzhok in Galich, Kostroma (15th-16th c.); Venerables Isaiah and Nikanor of Arkhangel'sk (16th-17th c.); Hieromartyr Basil, Priest (1942); Other Commemorations: Consecration of the Church of St. Euphemia in Dexiokratiana, Constantinople; Repose of Abbot Ephraim of Sarov (1778).