May 31

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Our Holy Lady Theotokos

Apostle Hermes of Philippopolis (Hermas), of the Seventy Apostles (1st c.) Martyr Hermias of Comana, by beheading (160); Martyr Magus (the Magician), who converted upon witnessing the martyrdom of Hermias (160); Martyr Philosophus at Alexandria (252); Martyrs Eusebios and Charalampos, in Nicomedia, by fire (see also May 30); Five Martyrs of Ascalon, dragged to death; Saint Eustathius, Patriarch of Constantinople (1025); Virgin-martyr Petronilla, at Rome (1st c. or 3rd c.); Martyr Crescentian, in Sassari in Sardinia (ca.130); Martyrs Cantius, Cantian, Cantianilla and Protus, in Aquileia (304); Saint Lupicinus of Verona, Bishop of Verona, described as 'the most holy, the best of bishops' (5th c.); Saint Paschasius, Deacon and Confessor in Rome, who is mentioned by blessed Pope Gregory I (512); Saint Winnow, Mancus and Myrbad, Irish saints who lived in Cornwall where churches are dedicated to them (6th c.); Saint Philotheus (Leschynsky) of Tobolsk, Metropolitan of Tobolsk and the "Apostle of Siberia" (1727) (also commemorated on June 10 - the Synaxis of All Saints of Siberia); Hieromartyr Archpriest Philosophus (Ornatsky), with his sons Boris and Nicholas, in St. Petersburg (1918); Hieromartyrs Hierotheus (Afonin), Bishop of Nikolsk (1928), his friend Hieroschemamonk Seraphim (Nikolsky) (1923); Other Commemorations: First translation of the relics (1591) of Hieromartyr Philip II, Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia (1569), to Solovki Monastery; Repose of Archimandrite Macarius of Peshnosha Monastery, disciple of Blessed Theodore of Sanaxar (1811); Finding of the relics (1960) of New Martyr Nicholas the Deacon, of Mytilene (1463).