May 3

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The Holy Martyrs Timothy and Mavra
Ss. Anthony and Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

Martyrs Timothy the Reader and his wife Maura of Antinoe in Egypt (304); Martyrs Diodoros and Rodopianos, at Aphrodisia in Anatolia (285-305); Holy 27 Martyrs who died by fire; Great-martyr Xenia of Peloponnesus, the Wonderworker (318); Saint Mamai the Katholikos of Georgia (744) Saint Michael of Ulompo, Georgia (9th c.) Saint Arsenius of Georgia (9th c.); Saint Peter the Wonderworker, Bishop of Argolis (925); Saint Ecumenius of Trikala, the Wonderworker (10th c.); Saint Alexander I, the fifth Pope of Rome (ca.106-115) (see also March 16); Martyrs Alexander, Eventius and Theodulus (ca.113-119); Saint Juvenal of Narni (ca.369/377); Saint Glywys of Cornwall (Gluvias) (5th c.); Saint Scannal of Cell-Coleraine in Ireland, a disciple of St Columba (563); Saint Adalsindis, sister of St Waldalenus, Abbess of a convent near Bèze (ca.680); Saint Æthelwine (Elwin, Ethelwin), Bishop of Lindsey (ca. 700) Saint Philip of Worms (Philip of Zell) (770); Saint Ansfried, Bishop of Utrecht (1010); Saint Theodosius, Abbot of the Kiev Caves Monastery and founder of cenobitic monasticism in Russia (1074); St. Theophanes of Vatopedi, Metropolitan of Peritheorion (near Xanthi) (14th c.); Schema-abbess Juliana (1393) and Schema-nun Eupraxia (1394), of the Monastery of the Conception in Moscow; Saint Gregory, Archbishop of Rostov, Yiaroslavl and White Lake (Abbott of Kamennoi Monastery) (1416); New-Martyr Ahmet the Calligrapher of Constantinople (1682); Martyr Paul of Vilnius, Lithuania (17th c.); New Martyrs Anastasia and Christodoulos, at Achaea (1821); Saint Irodion of Lainici, Abbot of Lainici Monastery in Romania (1900); New Hieromartyr Nicholas (Benevolsky), priest of Alma-Ata (1941); Other Commemorations: Translation of the relics of Saint Luke of Mount Stirion (953); Translation of the relics of Martyr-King Olaf of Norway (+1030); Translation of the Dormition Icon of the Mother of God from Constantinople to the Kiev-Pechersk Far Caves (1073); "Svenskaya" (Kiev Caves) Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (1288).