May 24

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Our Holy Lady Theotokos

Martyrs Meletius Stratelates (the Commander), Stephen, John, and 1218 soldiers with women and children, including: Serapion the Egyptian, Callinicus the former Magician, Theodore, Faustus, the women Marciana, Susanna, and Palladia, two children Cyriacus and Christian, and also Twelve tribunes: Faustus, Festus, Marcellus, Theodore, Meletius, Sergius, Marcellinus, Felix, Photinus, Theodoriscus, Mercurius, and Didymus — all of whom suffered in Galatia (c.138-161); Venerable Symeon Stylites the Younger of Wonderful Mountain (Symeon the New Stylite) (c.592); Saint Kyriakos of Evrychou, in Cyprus, the Wonderworker; Nun-martyr Martha, Abbess of Monemvasia (990); Martyrs Donatian and Rogatian, brothers (299) (see also May 23); Martyr Afra (304); Martyr Robustian at Milan; Martyr Vincent of Porto; Martyrs Zöellus, Servilius, Felix, Silvanus, and Diocles, in Istria; Saint Patrice (Patrick), fourth Bishop of Bayeux in France (c.469); Saint Elpidios (Elpidius), Bishop of Aversa, in Campania southern Italy (5th c.); Saint Vincent of Lerins (445); Venerable Nikita Stylites, Wonderworker of Pereyaslavl-Zalesski (1186); Saint Gregory of Novgorod, Archbishop (1193); Other Commemorations: Translation of the relics (c.1067) of St. George of the Holy Mountain and Georgia (1065); Repose of Monk Cyriacus of Valaam (1818); Repose of Blessed Amphilochius of Rostov (1824); Glorification (1988) of Saint Xenia of Petersburg, fool-for-Christ (c.1803); Inauguration of the church of Virgin Mary in Karrais (Al Kara) of Syria.