December 24

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The Nativity of Christ

The Eve of the Nativity of Christ; Venerable Nun-martyr Eugenia of Rome, and with her: Martyrs Philip (her father), Protus and Hyacinth (Jacinth), Basilla, and Claudia (262); Martyrs Sossios and Theokleios (ca.286-305); Martyr Castulus (ca.307-323); Martyr Achaicus, by the sword; Venerable Vitimionus of Scetis (Bitimionus of Scete) (5th c.); Venerable Aphrodisius, monk of Palestine (6th c.); Venerable Antiochus of Palestine (Antiochus Strategos, Antiochos Sabbaitis), monk of the Great Lavra of St. Sabbas the Sanctified in Jerusalem (635); Venerable Nicholas the Monk, of Bulgaria (Nicholas the former soldier) (ca.802-811); Martyrs Lucian, Metrobius, Paul, Zenobius, Theotimus and Drusus, in Tripoli in North Africa; Hieromartyr Gregory of Spoleto, a priest martyred in Spoleto in Italy under Maximinian Herculeus; Saint Delphinus, Bishop of Bordeaux in France; he helped convert St Paulinus of Nola and was an untiring opponent of Priscillianism (404); Saint Venerandus, of a senatorial family in Clermont in Auvergne in France, became bishop there from 385-423 (423); Saint Caranus, a saint of the east of Scotland; Saint Tarsila, an aunt of St Gregory the Great, sister of St Emiliana and niece of Pope Felix (581); Saint Mochua, Abbot of Timahoe (637); Saint Irmina, sister of St. Adela, daughter of Dagobert II (King of the Franks) (708); Saint Adela, daughter of Dagobert II (King of the Franks), first Abbess of Pfalzel near Trier in Germany (ca.730); Saint Alberic (Albert), a monk at Gladbach Abbey in Germany (10th c.); Saint Bruno, a holy man at the monastery of Ottobeuren Abbey in Bavaria in Germany (1050); New-Martyr Achmed (Ahmet) the Calligrapher, at Constantinople (1682) (see also May 3); Venerable Agapios the Younger (1812); Martyrs Protopresbyter St. Michael Shafaniv, and Presbytera St. Sofia (1918) (see also September 1); New Hieromartyr Innocent (Beda), Archimandrite, of Voronezh (Innokenty (Bida) of Poltava) (1928); New Hieromartyr Sergius Mechev, Archpriest, of Moscow (1942).