February 13

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Saint Edward the Martyr of England

Apostles and martyrs Aquila and his wife Priscilla (1st century); Holy Two Martyrs, father and son, by crucifixion; Saint Timothy, Archbishop of Alexandria (385); Righteous Martinian of Caesarea in Palestine (5th century); Venerable Zoe of Bethlehem, and the Virgin Photini (5th century) Venerable Eulogius of Alexandria, Patriarch of Alexandria (608) Righteous Martin the Merciful; Martyrs Fusca and Maura, two martyrs in Ravenna under Decius (c. 250); Saint Julian of Lyons, a martyr venerated in Lyons in France; Saint Benignus of Todi, a priest in Todi in Umbria in Italy martyred under Diocletian (c. 303); Saint Castor of Karden, hieromonk and missionary in Germany (c. 400); Saint Stephen of Lyons, Bishop of Lyons, active in converting the Arian Burgundians to Orthodoxy, Confessor (512); Saint Modomnoc, Bishop of Ossory in Ireland (c. 550); Saint Stephen of Rieti, an Abbot in Rieti in Italy (c. 590); Saint Licinius of Angers (Lezin), Bishop of Angers (c. 618); Saint Huna of Thorney, priest-monk of Huneia (c. 690); Saint Dyfnog, born in Wales, was much venerated in Clwyd (7th century); Saint Ermenilda of Ely (Ermengild, Ermenilda), Abbess of Ely and Queen of Mercia (c. 700); Saint Aimo (Aimonius), founder of the convent of St Victor in Meda in the north of Italy (c. 790); Saint Gosbert, fourth Bishop of Osnabruck in Germany and a disciple of St Ansgar (c. 859); Saint Fulcran, Bishop of Lodève in Languedoc, famous for his asceticism (1006); Venerable Symeon the Myrrh-gusher (Stefan Nemanja), Grand Prince of Serbia, founder of Hilandar Monastery on Mount Athos (1200); Saint Joseph of Volokolamsk, founder of Volokolamsk (Volotsk) Monastery (1515) Saint George Konnissky (Yurij Konissky), Archbishop of Mogilev in Belorussia (1795) New Hieromartyrs Basil and Gabriel, Priests (1919); New Hieromartyr Sylvester (Olshevsky), Archbishop of Omsk and Pavlodar (1920); New Hieromartyrs Zosimas, Nicholas, Basil, John, Leontius, Vladimir, Parthenius, John, John, Michael priests and Eugine deacon, and Martyr Paul, Virgin-martyrs Anna, Vera and Irina (1938); Other Commemorations: Consecration of the Church of the Theotokos and Saint Thekla, on Mount Posaleos; Translation of the relics of Saint Edward the Martyr, King of England; Icon of the Theotokos 'Dolinsky'; Repose of Abbess Seraphima of Sezenovo (1877); Repose of Archbishop Seraphim (Sobolev) of Bogucharsk, Bulgaria, Vicar of Poltava, Bishop of Lubensk (1950)