January 8

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The Baptism of Christ

Afterfeast of the Theophany of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; Prophet Shemaiah (10th c. BC); Martyrs Julian and his wife Basilissa, and with them Marcionilla and her son Celsus, Anthony, Anastasius, seven children and twenty soldiers, at Antinoe in Egypt (283-305); Hieromartyr Carterius of Caesarea in Cappadocia (304); Saint Elias the Wonderworker, of Egypt (4th c.) - (see also: January 12 - Greek); Hieromartyr Theophilus the Deacon, and Martyr Helladius, in Libya (4th c.); Saint Atticus of Constantinople, Patriarch of Constantinople (425); Righteous Domnica of Constantinople (ca.474); Venerable Agathon of Egypt, monk (5th c.); Venerable Theodore of Constantinople, founder and abbot of the Monastery of Chora (ca. 595); Venerable George the Chozebite, Abbot (7th c.); Saint Cyrus of Constantinople, Patriarch of Constantinople (714); Martyr Abo of Tiflis, the Perfumer, of Baghdad, at Tbilisi, Georgia (786); Saint Emilian the Confessor, Bishop of Cyzicus (820) - (see also: August 8 - Greek); Saint Patiens, fourth Bishop of Metz (2nd c.); Hieromartyr Lucian the "Apostle of Beauvais", and martyrs Maximian and Julian, in Beauvais (290); Hieromartyr Eugenian of Autun, Bishop of Autun, staunch defender of Orthodoxy against Arianism (4th c); Saint Severinus of Noricum, monk of Göttweig Abbey, enlightener of Noricum Ripensis (482); Saint Ergnad (Ercnacta), nun (5th c.); Saint Maximus of Pavia, Bishop of Pavia (511); Saint Frodobert, a monk at Luxeuil in France, founder of the monastery of Moutier-la-Celle near Troyes (673); Saint Erhard of Regensburg, Bishop of Regensburg (Bavaria) (ca.686); Saint Albert of Cashel, English laborer in Ireland and Bavaria (7th c.); Holy Virgin Gudula, patroness of Brussels in Belgium (712); Saint Pega, an anchoress in the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia (719); Saint Garibaldus (Gaubald), first Bishop of Regensburg (762); Saint Æthelhelm (Athelm), the first Bishop of Wells, and later Archbishop of Canterbury (926); Saint Wulfsige III (Wulsin), monk who became Abbot of Westminster in 980, and Bishop of Sherborne in 993 (1002); Saint Gregory of Ochrid, Bishop of Moesia (1012); Venerable Gregory, Wonderworker of the Kiev Caves (1093); Venerable Gregory the Hermit of the Kiev Caves (14th c.); Venerable Macarius (Makris) of Vatopedi (on Mt. Athos), and of Pantocratoros monastery (in Constantinople), Abbot (1430); Hieromartyr Priest Isidore and 72 companions at Yuriev (Dorpats) in Estonia, slain by the Latins (1472); Saint Paisius of Uglich, Igumen of the Protection monastery, near Uglich (1504); Venerable Elder Isaiah of Valaam Monastery (1914); New Hieromartyr Victor, Priest (1937); New Hieromartyr Demetrius, Priest (1938); New Hieromartyr Vladimir, Priest (1938); Martyr Mikhail Novoselov (1938); New Hieromartyr Michael Rostov, Priest, Confessor, of Yaroslavl-Rostov (1941).