January 9

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The Baptism of Christ

Afterfeast of the Theophany of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; Prophet Shemaiah (Samaia, Semeias), III Kings 12:22, (10th c. BC) - (see also January 8 - Greek); Martyr Polyeuctus of Melitene in Armenia (259); Martyr Antonina of Nicomedia, martyred at sea; Martyr Lawrence, martyred in the arena; Saint Peter of Sebaste, Bishop of Sebaste in Armenia, brother of Ss. Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa (ca. 395); Saint Eustratius the Wonderworker, of Tarsus (821); Venerable Basil and Gregory the Wonderworkers, uncles of Saint Eustratius (9th c.); Virgin-Martyr Paschasia, venerated from ancient times in Dijon in France (ca.178); Epictetus, Jucundus, Secundus, Vitalis, Felix and seven other Companions - Twelve martyrs in North Africa, under Decian (ca.250); Virgin-martyr Marciana of Mauretania (ca.303); Saint Marcellinus of Ancona, Bishop of Ancona (566); Saint Waningus (Vaneng), Benedictine abbot (ca.686); Saint Maurontus (Maurontius, Mauruntius), founder of the monastery of Saint-Florent-le-Vieil on the Loire in France (ca.700); Saint Adrian, Abbot of Sts Peter and Paul, later called St Augustine's, in Canterbury (710); Saint Brithwald (Brihtwald), a monk and then the Abbot of Reculver in Kent, and in 693 becoming the ninth Archbishop of Canterbury (731); Saint Foellan (Foilan, Fillan), son of St Kentigerna, Abbot of Strathfillan (8th c.); New Martyr Parthena of Edessa, in Macedonia (1375); Hieromartyr Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow and Wonderworker of all Russia (1569); Saint Jonah (Miroshnichenko), (Peter in Schema), founder of Holy Trinity Monastery in Kiev, Wonderworker (1902); New Hieromartyr Paul (Florensky), Priest (1943); Other Commemorations: Commemoration of the great earthquake at Constantinople (869); Translation of the relics (903) of St. Judoc, hermit of Ponthieu; Commemoration of Stefan Yavorsky, Metropolitan of Ryazan and Murom (1722), defender of Orthodoxy; Commemoration of Schema-Archimandrite Gabriel (Starodub), Native of Poltava (2010), and of his spiritual Father, Schema-Archimandrite Vitaly (Sidorenko).