January 27

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The Holy Trinity

Venerable Peter of Egypt, disciple of Abba Lot (5th century); Saint Marciana the Queen, wife of Emperor Justin I (518-527), interred in the Church of the Holy Apostles; Saint Dimitrianos the Wonderworker, Bishop of Tamassos, Cyprus; Venerable Claudinus, monastic; Saint Ashot I of Iberia (Ashot Kurapalates), first Bagrationi King of Georgia, murdered (830) (see also January 29); Saint Julian of Sora, martyred under Antoninus Pius (c. 150); Saint Julian of Le Mans, venerated as the first Bishop of Le Mans in France (3rd century); Saint Devota, virgin-martyr in Corsica who expired on the rack in the persecution of Diocletian (303); Saint Avitus, venerated in the Canary Islands as their Apostle and first Bishop, martyred in Africa; Saints Datius, Reatrus (Restius) and Companions; and Datius (Dativus), Julian, Vincent and 27 Companions (c. 500); Saint Maurus (Marius, Maur, May), founder of a monastery in Bodon (Bobacum) in France (c. 555); Saint Natalis of Ulster, a monastic founder in the north of Ireland, he worked with St Columba (564); Saint Lupus of Châlons, Bishop of Châlons-sur-Saone, famous for his charity to the afflicted (c. 610); Saint Vitalian, Pope of Rome (672); Saint Emerius, founder and first Abbot of St Stephen of Bañoles in Catalonia in Spain (8th century); Saint Candida, mother of St Emerius, anchoress at the monastery of St Stephen of Bañoles in Spain (c. 798); Saint Gamelbert of Michaelsbuch (800); Saint Theodoric II of Orleans, monk at Saint-Pierre-le-Vif in Sens in France, became Bishop of Orleans (1022); Venerable Titus the Soldier, monk of the Kiev Caves Monastery (11th century); New Martyr Demetrius at Constantinople (1784); Saint Demetrius Klepinine, Priest, of Paris (1944); New Hieromartyr Peter (Zverev) of Voronezh (1929); New Hieromartyr Paul Dobromislov, Protopresbyter of Alma-Ata (1940); Saint Anna Ivashkina, the Confessor of Ryazan (1948); Venerable Leonty (Stasevich) of Ivanovo, Archimandrite, New-Confessor (1972); New Hieromartyr Leontius the Mystic of Ternopil and Jablechna monastery, Poland (1972); Other Commemorations: Translation of the relics (437) of St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople (407); Repose of Nun Neonilla of the Farther Davidov Convent (1875); Repose of Schema-nun Margarita (Lakhtionova) of Diveyevo Monastery (1997).