December 17

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Three Holy Youths
St. Dionysios of Zakynthos

Holy Prophet Daniel (600 BC) and the Three Holy Youths: Ananias, Azarias, and Misael; Monk-martyrs Patermuthius and Coprius, and Martyr Alexander the Soldier, of Egypt (361-363); Martyr Bacchus, from Triglia, by the sword; Venerable Daniel the Confessor (in schema Stephen the Confessor) of Spain and Egypt (10th c.); Saints Athanasius, Nicholas, and Anthony, disciples of Athanasius the Athonite and founders of Vatopedi monastery, Mt. Athos (10th c.); Saint Maxentiolus (Mezenceul), a disciple of St Martin of Tours in France, he founded Our Lady of Cunault (5th c.); Saint Tydecho of Wales, brother of Saint Cadfan (6th c.); Saint Briarch, a monk in Wales with St Tudwal and built a monastery in Guingamp (ca.627); Saint Judicäel (Judicael ap Hoel), King of Brittany (658); Saint Begga, founder and Abbess of a convent in Andenne on the Meuse in Belgium (698); Saint Sturm (Sturmius), Abbot and Apostle of Saxony, founder of Fulda Monastery (Germany) (779); Saint Eigil of Fulda, the fourth abbot of Fulda (822); New Martyr Nicetas of Nyssa (ca.1300); Saint Dionysios of Zakynthos, Archbishop of Aegina and Wonderworker (1624); Saint Misael of Abalatsk, Hieromonk (1797); New Hieromartyrs Paisius, Abbot of Trnava (Turnovo), Cacak (1814), and Abbacum, Deacon (1815), at Belgrade; New Hieromartyr Sergius Florinsky, Priest of Rakvere, Estonia (1918); New Hieromartyr Nicholas Beltiukov, Protopresbyter of Perm (1918); New Hieromartyr Alexander Savelov, Priest of Perm (1918); New Hieromartyr John Zemlyani, Priest of Alma-Ata (1937); New Hieromartyr Peter Pokrovsky, Priest (1937); Other commemorations: Repose of Elder Hadji George of Mt. Athos (1886); Repose of Hiero-schemamonk Daniel (Sandu Tudor), poet of Romania (1962); Repose of lay elder Panagis of Ilami, Cyprus (1989).