February 11

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St. Blaise

St. Theodora

Hieromartyr Blaise (Vlassios), Bishop of Sebaste, and the two children and seven women martyred with him (316); Hieromartyr Lucius of Adrianople (348); Righteous Theodora the Iconodule, wife of Emperor Theophilus the Iconoclast; Saint Blaise the Hieromartyr of Acarnania (1006); Saint Calocerus, disciple of St Apollinaris, whom he succeeded as Bishop of Ravenna, Confessor (c. 130); Martyrs of North-West Africa, the 'Guardians of the Holy Scriptures' (303); Martyrs Saturninus, Dativus, Felix, Ampelius, Victoria and Companions (304) (see also February 12); Saint Lazarus of Milan, Archbishop, who defended his flock from the Ostrogoths (449); Saints Priscus the Bishop, with Castrensis, Tammarus, Rosius, Heraclius, Secundinus, Adjutor, Mark, Augustus, Elpidius, Canion and Vindonius, priests (5th century); Saint Severinus, Abbot of Agaunum in Switzerland (507); Saint Desideratus (Désiré), successor of St Avitus as Bishop of Clermont in Auvergne (6th century); Saint Desiderius, Bishop of Vienne and martyr (608); Saint Cædmon of Whitby, monk of Whitby, Yorkshire, father of English poetry (c. 680); Saint Gobnait, Abbess of Ballyvourney, Cork, Ireland (7th century); Saint Gregory II, Pope of Rome (731); Saint Benedict of Aniane, monastic reformer (821); Saint Gabriel of Pskov (Prince Vsevolod of Pskov), Prince and wonderworker of Pskov (1138); Venerable Demetrius, monk and wonderworker of Priluki Monastery in Vologda (1392); New Martyr George of Kratovo, Serbia, at Sofia, burned at the stake (1515) Venerable Cassian the Barefoot (in the world 'Kosmas'), ascetic of the Joseph-Volokolamsk Monastery (1532); Other Commemorations: Uncovering of the relics of Saint Zechariah the Prophet, the father of St. John the Baptist (415) Repose of Archbishop Simon of Shanghai and Peking (1933).