February 27

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St. Raphael of Brooklyn

Martyrs Julian and his disciple Eunos (Kronion), at Alexandria (250- 252); Martyr Gelasios the Actor, of Heliopolis (297); Martyrs Abundius, Alexander, Antigonus, Calanus, Januarius, Makarios, Severianus, Titianus and Fortunatus, and those martyred with them (c. 284-305); Martyr Nesius, by flogging; Saint Macarius of Jerusalem, Bishop of Jerusalem (334); Saint Thalelaeus of Syria, hermit, of Gabala in Syria (c. 460); Saints Asclepius and Jacob of Nimouza, monks near Cyrrhus (5th century); Saint Stephen, monk, of Constantinople (614); Venerable Prokopios the Confessor of Decapolis (c. 750) Saint Timothy of Caesarea, monk; Saint Honorina ('Honorine), an early martyr in the north of France; Saint Comgan, Abbot of Glenthsen or Killeshin in Ireland (c. 565); Saint Leander of Seville, Archbishop of Seville (600); Saint Baldomerus (Galmier), a locksmith in Lyons, who entered the monastery of St Justus (c. 650); Saint Ælfnoth of Stowe (Alnoth), a hermit at Stowe near Bugbrooke, martyred by robbers (c. 700); Saint Herefrith of Louth, Bishop of Lincolnshire (c. 873); Saint John of Gorze, Abbot of Gorze (c. 975); Venerable Titus, presbyter of Kiev Caves Monastery (1190); Saint Titus the Soldier, monk of the Kiev Caves (14th century); Saint Pitirim, Bishop of Tambov (1698); New Martyr Elias of Trebizond (1749); Venerable Archimandrite Photius of the Yuriev Monastery, Novgorod (1838) Saint Raphael of Brooklyn, Good Shepherd of the Lost Sheep in America (1915) (see also February 14); New Hieromartyr Sergei Uvitsky, Priest (1932); New Hieromartyr Peter Uspensky, Priest (1938) Martyr Michael Markov (1938); Other Commemorations: Twelve Holy Greek Architects of the Kiev Caves Lavra (see also February 14); Repose of Monk Anthony of Valaam Monastery (1848); Repose of Hieromonk Justinian of Valaam Monastery (1966); Repose of Archimandrite Alypy (Voronov) of the Pskov-Caves Monastery (1975)