December 4

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St Barbara of Heliopolis
St. John of Damascus
Hieromartyr Alexander Hotovitzky, Missionary to America

Commemoration of the Twelve Prophets (Twelve Minor Prophets); Apostle Crispus of the Seventy Apostles, Bishop of Chalcedon (1st c.); Great-martyr Barbara, at Heliopolis in Syria (306); Martyr Juliana, at Heliopolis in Syria (306); Martyrs Christodoulos and Christodoula, by the sword; Saint John the Wonderworker, Bishop of Polybotum, in Phrygia Salutaris (716); Saint John of Damascus (John Damascene), monk of St. Sabbas Monastery (749); Saint Felix of Bologna, a Deacon of the Church of Milan with St Ambrose, and later the fifth Bishop of Bologna (429); Saint Bertoara, Abbess of Notre-Dame-de-Sales in Bourges (614); Saint Ada, niece of Engebert, Bishop of Le Mans, she became a nun at Soissons, and Abbess in Le Mans (7th c.); Venerable Cassian the Martyr (Kassianos), one of the "300 Allemagne Saints" in Cyprus (late 12th c.); Saint Gennadius of Novgorod, Archbishop of Novgorod (1504); New Hieromartyr Seraphim of Phanarion, Archbishop of Phanarion and Neochorion (1601); Hieromartyr Nicholas (Tsedrik), Priest (1917), and his son Hieromartyr Damascene (Tsedrik), Bishop of Glukhov (1935); New Martyrs of Perm (1918): Hieromartyrs Protopresbyters Alexis (Saburov) and John (Pyankov), Priests Alexander (Posokhin) and Nicholas (Yakhontov), Deacon Basil (Kashin) and with him 10 Martyrs; Hieromartyr Demetrius, Priest (1937); Virgin-martyrs Ecaterine and Cyra (1937); Hieromartyr Alexander Hotovitzky of Russia, Hieromartyr of the Bolshevik yoke, Missionary to America (1937); Other commemorations: Icon of the Mother of God of Damascus (Panayia Tricherousa, "Three-handed Theotokos") (ca.717); Translation of the relics of Saint Nectan of Hartland (see June 17).