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The holy, glorious and all-laudable Apostle Zenas (or Zenon) of the Seventy is commemorated by the Church with the Seventy on January 4, and on September 27 together with Ss. Mark and Aristarchus.


The holy Apostle Zenas was a disciple and co-worker with the Apostle Paul. He was called a lawyer, since he was a learned man and led juridical matters in church courts. He is mentioned in Paul's Epistle to Titus (Titus 3:13): "Help Zenas the lawyer and Apollos on their way; see that they lack nothing." Afterwards, St. Zenas became bishop of the city of Diospolis (or Lydda) in Palestine.


Kontakion (Tone 4) [1]

The Church ever sees you as a shining star, O apostle Zenas,
Your miracles have manifested great enlightenment.
Therefore we cry out to Christ:
"Save those who with faith honor Your apostle, O Most Merciful One."

Troparion (Tone 3) [2]

Holy apostle Zenas of the Seventy;
Entreat the merciful;
To grant our souls forgiveness of transgressions.


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