August 11

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The Transfiguration of Christ

Afterfeast of the Transfiguration; Archdeacon Euplus of Catania the Greatmartyr; Virgin-Martyr Susanna and those martyred with her: her uncle Gaius, Pope of Rome, his brother (her father) Presbyter Gavinius, Maximus (brother to the emperor Diocletian), Claudius (cousin to the emperor Diocletian), and his wife Praepedigna, with their sons Alexander and Cutias; Martyrs Basil and Theodore of the Kiev Caves; Saint Theodosius (Prince Theodore of Ostrog) of the Kiev Caves; Saint Passarion of Palestine; Saint Niphon, Patriarch of Constantinople (Mount Athos); Martyrs Neophytus, Zeno, Gaius, Mark, Macarius, and Gaianus; Saint Mary Syncletica; New-Martyrs Anastasios and Demetrios; Saint Blane, Bishop of Bute; Saint Taurinos, first Bishop of Evreux; Martyr Tiburtios of Rome. Other events: commemoration of the Miracle of Saint Spyridon on Kerkyra (Corfu) with the Hagarenes