February 19

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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Apostles Archippos, Philemon, and Apphias of the Seventy Apostles (1st century); Martyrs Maximus, Theodotus, Hesychius, and Asclepiodota of Adrianopolis (305-311); Venerable Saints Eugene and Macarius, Priests, Confessors at Antioch (363); Saint Mesrop the Translator, of Armenia (439); Venerable Rabulas of Samosata (c. 530) Venerable Conon, Abbot of the Pethukla Monastery in Palestine (555); Saint Dositheus of Gaza, disciple of Saint Abba Dorotheus (7th century); Venerable Sophronios, Bishop; Saint Gabinus, a martyr in Rome related to the Emperor Diocletian, but also the brother of Pope Gaius, and father of the martyr St Susanna (c. 295); Saint Quodvultdeus, Bishop of Carthage in North Africa (450); Saint Valerius (Valére), Bishop of Antibes in the south of France (c. 450); Saint Odran, ranks as the first Christian martyr in Irish history, was St.Patrick's chariot driver (c. 452); Saints Publius, Julian, Marcellus and Companions, martyrs in North Africa; Saint Barbatus of Benevento, who took part in the Sixth Oecumenical Council in Constantinople at which Monothelitism was condemned (682); Saint Mansuetus, Bishop of Milan and Confessor, he wrote a treatise against Monothelitism (c. 690); Saint Beatus of Liébana, a monk at Liebana, famous for his firm stand against Adoptionism (789); Saint George of Lodève, Bishop of Lodève (c. 884); Saint Yaroslav the Wise, son of the Varangian (Viking) Grand Prince Vladimir the Great (1054) (see also February 20 and February 28); New Nun-martyr Philothei of Athens (1588); Venerable Theodore, Abbot of Sanaxar Monastery (1791) New Hieromartyr Nicetas, Hieromonk, of Epirus and Mt. Athos, at Serres (1809) (see also April 4); Saint Maria, desert-dweller of Olonets (1860) (see also February 9); New Hieromartyr Vladimir (Terentiev), Abbot, of Zosima Hermitage, Smolensk (1933); New Martyr Demetrius Volkov (1942); Other Commemorations: Icon of the Mother of God of Cyprus (392).