December 18

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Our Holy Lady Theotokos

Martyr Eubotius, at Cyzicus (320); Saint Florus, Bishop of Amisus (7th c.); Martyrs Phocas and Hermilas, by the sword; Hieromartyrs Zacchaeus the Deacon, and Alphaeus the Reader, at Caesarea (see also November 18); Saint Sophia the Wonderworker; Saint Modestus, Archbishop of Jerusalem (634) (see also December 16); Saint Michael Syngellon the Confessor, at Constantinople (845); Venerable Nomon; Martyrs Rufus and Zosimus, at Philippi in Macedonia (ca.107); Martyr Moses (Moysetes), a martyr in North Africa who probably suffered under Decius (ca.250); Martyrs Quintus, Simplicius and Companions, in North Africa under the Emperors Decius and Valerian (ca.255); Martyrs Victurus, Victor, Victorinus, Adjutor, Quartus and 30 other companions, in North Africa; Martyr Sebastian, at Rome, and his companions: Martyrs Nicostratus, Zoe, Castorius, Tranquillinus, Marcellinus, Mark, Claudius, Symphorian, Victorinus, Tiburtius, and Castulus (287); Saint Gatianus of Tours, first Bishop of Tours (3rd c.); Saint Bodagisil, founded and was the first Abbot of a monastery on the Meuse in Belgium (588); Saint Samthann, foundress and Abbess of Clonbroney in Co. Longford in Ireland (6th c.); Saint Flannán, first Bishop of Killaloe in Ireland (7th c.)[ Saint Desiderius of Fontenelle (Desideratus), son of St Waningus (700); Saint Winebald (Winibald), Abbot of Heidenheim and Bishop of Eichstatt (Germany) (761); Venerable Daniel the Hesychast (Daniil Sihastrul), of Voronet (Romania) (15th c.); Venerable Sebastian, Abbot of Poshekhonye Monastery (Vologda) (1500); Martyr Victor (1936); New Hieromartyr Thaddeus (Uspensky), Archbishop of Tver (1937); New Hieromartyr Nicholas (Klementiev), Archbishop of Great Ustiug (Velikoustiuzh) (1937); New Hieromartyrs (1937): Andrew Voskresensky of Moscow, John Mironsky of Chimkent, Vladimir Preobrazhensky of Chimkent, and Elias Benemansky of Tver, Priests (1937); New Hieromartyr Sergius, Deacon (1942); Virgin-martyr Vera Truks of Zhitomir (1942); Other commemorations: Consecration of the Church of the Theotokos in Halkoprateia-Constantinople; Glorification (1694) of Righteous Symeon, Wonderworker of Verkhoturye (1642); Repose of Schemanun Nazaria, Eldress of Varatec Monastery (Romania) (1814); Repose of Metropolitan Benjamin (Costachi) of Moldavia (1846); Slaying of Hieromonk Nestor of Zharki (Ivanovo) (1993)