December 21

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The Nativity of Christ

Forefeast of the Nativity of Christ; Martyr Themistocles of Myra in Lycia (251); Virgin-Martyr Juliana of Nicomedia, and with her 500 men by the sword, and 130 women by beheading (304); Venerable Macarius the Faster, Abbot of Khakhuli Monastery (ca.1034); Saint Honoratus of Toulouse, Bishop of Toulouse in France (3rd c.); Saint Severinus of Trier, Bishop of Trier in Germany (ca.300); Martyrs John and Festus, martyrs honoured in Tuscany in Italy; Saint Baudacarius, a monk at Bobbio Abbey in the north of Italy (650); Saint Beornwald of Bampton (Bernwald), a righteous priest in Bampton in Oxfordshire in England (10th c.); Saint John Vincent, a monk at St. Michael in Chiusa, then a hermit on Monte Caprario, finally a Bishop nearby (1012); Saint Peter of Kiev, Metropolitan of Kiev and Moscow, Wonderworker of All Russia (1326); Saint Juliana, Princess of Vyazma (Novotorzhok) (1406); Blessed Procopius of Vyatka, Fool-for-Christ (1627); Saint Philaret (Theodosius in schema), metropolitan of Kiev (1857); New Hieromartyr Michael Kiselev, Priest, at Perm (1918); New Hieromartyr Sergius, Deacon (1937); New Hieromartyr Nicetas (Pribytkov), Bishop of Belev (Belevsk) (1937); New Hieromartyr Leontius, Deacon (1940); Other commemorations: Repose of Blessed Peter “the Nose,” of Kama (ca. 1938); Repose of Schemamonk Michael of Harbin (1939); Finding of the relics (1950) of New Monk-martyr Ephraim of Nea Makri (1426); Repose of Mother Stavritsa the Missionary, missionary in Kenya (2000).