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Our father among the saints Mark of Rome, also Marcus, was the bishop of the Church of Rome for less than a year during 336. His feast day is October 7.


Little is known of the early life of Bp. Mark. His date of birth is unknown, and he is said to have been a Roman. His father's name was Priscus. Mark apparently was a member of the Roman clergy, either a deacon or a priest. After the repose of Bp. Sylvester I, Mark was consecrated the bishop of Rome on January 18, 336.

During his episcopate, Bp. Mark invested the Bishop of Ostia with the pallium and confirmed the power of this bishop to consecrate newly elected bishops of Rome. Bp. Mark was also credited with building two churches, the basilica of San Marco in Rome and a cemetery church outside the city over the Catacomb of Balbina.

Bp. Mark died of natural causes on October 7, 336 and was buried in the Catacomb of Balbina where he had the cemetery church built.

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Mark of Rome
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Sylvester I
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