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Benedict , ((Latin)

Benedictus; (French)
Benoît; (Greek)
Βενέδικτος), may refer to the following: 


  • Benedict of Nursia, the "Father of Western Monasticism" (†543), March 14[1][2]
  • Benedicta of Rome, virgin, mystic and nun, lived in a convent founded by St. Galla in Rome (6th century), May 6[3][4]
  • Benedict of Sebaste, Bishop of Sebaste in Samaria, later the founder of the Abbaye Saint-Benoît de Quinçay († c. 654), October 23[5]
  • Benedict II, Pope of Rome (†685), May 8[5]
  • Benedict Biscop, Abbot of Wearmouth and Confessor (†690), January 12[6][7]
  • Benedict Crispus of Milan, Archbishop of Milan (†725), March 11[5]
  • Benedict of Angers, Bishop of Angers in the west of France († c. 820), July 15[5]
  • Benedict of Aniane, monastic reformer, called the 'Second Benedict' (†821), February 11[8]
  • Benedict of Macérac, a Greek abbot who fled from Petras and settled in Macérac near Nantes in France (†845), October 22[5]
  • Benedict Revelli, Bishop of Albenga († c. 900), February 12[5]
  • Benedicta and Cecilia, two daughters of the King of Lorraine, Abbesses of Susteren in the Rhineland in Germany (†10th century), August 17[5]
  • Benedict, John, Matthew, Isaac and Christinus, monks martyred at their monastery near Gnesen in Poland (†1005)[5]
  • Benedict of Szkalka, ascetic on Mount Zobor in Hungary (†1012), May 1[5]
  • Benedict of Serres and Thessaloniki, New Hieromartyr (†1821), June 12[9]

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