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Our father among the saints Simplicius of Rome was the Bishop of Rome from 468 to 483. During his episcopate the Western Roman Empire came to an end with the deposition of emperor Romulus Augustulus by Odocer. His feast day is March 10.


Bp. Simplicius was born at Tivoli, Italy, the son of Castinus. Little is known of his life before become the bishop of Rome. During the turbulent times following the Fourth Ecumenical Council, Bp. Simplicius supported the decisions of the Council. Bp. Simplicius opposed the desires of emperor Leo II to elevate the see of Constantinople in rank over that of the Churches of Alexandria and Antioch.

Simplicius became involved in a controversy with Patriarch Acacius of Constantinople over the seating of Peter Mongus, a non-Chalcedonian, to the see of Alexandria. However, Simplicius died, leaving the issue to his successor, Bishop Felix III. Bp. Simplicius used the Alexandria issue to support Rome's claims to primacy in the Church.

During his episcopate Simplicius built four churches in Rome: Church of St. Stephen, the Church of St. Andrew, the Church of St. Stephen the first Martyr, and the Church of St. Balbina. Bp. Simplicius reposed on March 10, 483 and was buried in St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.

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Simplicius of Rome
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