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On all Timeline articles:

  • Entries should be simple and brief and read like newspaper headlines (e.g., Death of John Chrysostom, not Death of Saint John Chrysostom, native of Antioch and Archbishop of Constantinople, Great Preacher and Compiler of Divine Liturgy, renowned for numerous sermons and letters).
  • Use the historical present tense (e.g., First persecution begins, not First persecution began).
  • There should be no citations or commentary included in entries. Place that sort of material in articles which can be linked to from the timeline.
  • External links contained in entries (e.g., to Wikipedia) should only be included if doing so would significantly illuminate the meaning of the entry. (The idea is not to link nearly every possible word, but only those which have significant meaning to the history of Orthodoxy.)
  • External links should only be used if an article on the subject being linked would be inappropriate for OrthodoxWiki. Otherwise, link the words in question to existing or not-yet-existing OW articles.


First use

The entry for the year 135 is inconsistent with other articles within Orthodoxwiki. These include Pope, and Heraklas_of_Alexandria. Neither is it consistent with the Wikipedia article [[1]], nor even the Catholic Encyclopedia article [The Pope] (see under "Primacy of honour: titles and insignia in subsection under the section "Title" entitled "Pope")

As the origin of "Pope" is from the word "papa", for father, it was in common usage as a greeting of respect. The formal use as a title for an office or position appears to have come later, as noted in the above links. I suggest the line in this article should be deleted unless there is some substantiating references. Wsk 16:56, January 18, 2009 (UTC)

I would hope that we can actually track down a solid date for the first use of the term as a title for Rome's bishop. I'll try to look into that at some point, or perhaps someone else can. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 12:41, January 19, 2009 (UTC)

New Template

A proposed draft template / subject organizer ...initial work in progress (requiring cleanup) ...would require the input of a priest or theologian to organize and name the various sections, and decide what topics to include.

Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church history
First Millenium
Timeline of Church History (Ante-Nicene Era (100-325)) · Constantine the Great · Pentarchy · Church of Rome · Acacian Schism · Photian Schism

Seven Ecumenical Councils
First Ecumenical Council · Second Ecumenical Council · Third Ecumenical Council · Fourth Ecumenical Council · Fifth Ecumenical Council · Sixth Ecumenical Council · Quinisext Council · Seventh Ecumenical Council

Second Millenium
Great Schism · Fourth Crusade · Fall of Constantinople
Church Government
Autocephaly · Autonomy · List of autocephalous and autonomous churches · Primus inter pares · Prerogatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate · Primacy and Unity in Orthodox Ecclesiology · Caesaropapism
Liturgical Traditions
Divine Liturgy · Liturgy of St. Basil · Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts · Liturgy of St. James · Liturgy of St. Mark · Liturgy of St. Gregory · Liturgy of St. Tikhon of Moscow · Byzantine Rite · Sarum Use · Western Rite · Gallican Rite · Roman rite · Tridentine Mass
Theology in Common
Apostolic succession · Holy Tradition · Church Fathers · Canon law · Holy Scripture

Holy Mysteries
Baptism · Chrismation · Eucharist · Confession · Holy Unction · Marriage · Ordination

Orthodox Theology
Septuagint · Hesychasm · Ransom Theory of Atonement · Ad Orientem
Roman Catholic Theology (Non-Orthodox)
Vulgate · Azymes · Filioque · Purgatory · Indulgences · Statues · Scholastic Theology · Sacred Heart · Immaculate Conception · Papal Supremacy · Papal Infallibility · Clerical Celibacy · Just War theory · Limbo · Aspersion and Affusion · Stigmata · Catholic Religious Orders · Satisfaction Theory of Atonement · Liberation Theology · Versus Populum
Points of Acrimony
Fourth Crusade · Zographou martyrs · Union of Brest-Litovsk · Josaphat Kuntsevych · Josyf Slipyj · Aloysius Stepinac · Serbian New Martyrs · Polish Orthodox New Martyrs · Eastern Catholic Churches · Latinization · Proselytism
Council of Florence · Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches · North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation · Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity · Pontifical Oriental Institute · Balamand Document · Ravenna Document · Full Communion

Angellight 888 14:11, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

Wow. This is gigantic. I think a lot would need to be cut just to keep it from totally overwhelming almost any article.
A lot of this also strikes me as a bit problematic. For instance, we don't really have a common theology of all the sacraments.
I think perhaps most of this might better be put into a List of Orthodox and Roman Catholic topics article, with an "Orthodoxy and Rome" template created that includes a much smaller size and selection of articles. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 13:43, June 9, 2011 (UTC)