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Our father among the saints Samuel I of Georgia was the second catholicos of the Church of Georgia, succeeding Catholicos Peter I. St. Samuel is commemorated on November 30.


Little in known of the life of Samuel. The dates of his birth and repose are unknown and the term of his office as catholicos is uncertain. He arrived in Georgia in company with St. Peter in the late fifth century at the invitation of King Vakhtang Gorgasali and with the blessing of the patriarch of Constantinople. As with Catholicos Peter I, he came from the Eastern Roman Empire. Catholicos Samuel led the Georgian Church during the reigns of King Dachi and his son Bakur.

The residence of the catholicos was the Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli in the city of Mtskheta. After his succession following the death of Catholicos Peter, King Dachi “bestowed upon Catholicos Samuel the city of Mtskheta, according to the will of King Vakhtang.” Samuel was also a close acquaintance of the martyred Queen Shushanik.

Catholicos Samuel is remembered as a pastor who demonstrated great foresight and cared deeply for his flock. He the Church of Georgia faithfully, and labored to spread and strengthen the Christian faith among the Georgian people. He initiated construction of Tsqarostavi Church in the Javakheti region.

The Holy Synod of the Church of Georgia canonized the Catholicos Samuel, along with his predecessor Catholicos Peter I, on October 17, 2002.

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Samuel I of Georgia
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