Nicholas I of Alexandria

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His Beatitude Nicholas I of Alexandria was the Patriarch of the Church of Alexandria from 1210 to 1243. Nicholas was patriarch during a century of which little is certain about the history of the Church of Alexandria as it fought to exist under the Muslim domination.


Little is known of his life. He apparently came to the cathedra after a period of vacancy. Patr. Nicholas was in communication with Pope Innocent III of Rome, who invited him to participate in the Lateran Synod of 1215 of the Roman Catholic Church. The council dealt with transubstantiation, papal primacy, and conduct of clergy. While he did not attend, he apparently sent a legate to the council.

During his time the Church of Alexandria was enduring very difficult conditions under the Muslim Arabs, exacerbated by Crusader attacks, particularly following the Siege of Damietta of 1218 at the mouth of the Nile River. Expecting aid, Patr. Nicholas waited in vain for help from Pope Honorius III of Rome.

With the Church in great financial difficulty, Patr. Nicholas fell asleep in deep poverty.

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Nicholas I of Alexandria
Preceded by:
Mark III
Patriarch of Alexandria
1210 - 1243
Succeeded by:
Gregory I
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