Mark III of Alexandria

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His Beatitude Mark III of Alexandria was the Pope and Patriarch of the Church of Alexandria from 1180 to 1209. Mark was patriarch during a century of which little is certain about the history of the Church of Alexandria as it fought to exist under Muslim domination.


Virtually nothing is known of his life. Mark was patriarch during a time when the Nile River did not experience its annual flood, causing a great famine in Egypt which added to the suffering among the Christians in addition to the repression under the Muslim Arabs.

During this time of religious duress, Patr. Mark posed 66 questions to Patriarch Theodore IV of Antioch who was a noted canonist of the time, having served as Nomophylax (Greek: Νομοφύλαξ, "Guardian of the Laws") in the Church of Constantinople.

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Mark III of Alexandria
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Patriarch of Alexandria
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