Moses of Beth Romon

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Note: This article or section represents an Oriental Orthodox (Non-Chalcedonian) perspective, which may differ from an Eastern Orthodox (Chalcedonian) understanding.

St. Moses of Beth Romon, better known as Mor Mushe bar Kifo of Beth Romon, is a 10th century father and saint of the Syriac Orthodox Church renowned to this day as a theologian and philosopher. St. Moses of Beth Romon is commemorated by the Syriac Orthodox Church on February 12,


St. Moses was born to Kifo in the town of Kuhayl around 813. He began his educational and spiritual formation at the Monastery of St. Sergius (Dayro d'Mor Sarkis) on the Barren Mountain between the towns of Sinjar and Balad (Eski Mosul today). While a monk at St. Sergius', Moses studied the Holy Bible, theology, philosophy, and the Syriac language under the Monastery's abbot, Rabban Kyriakos.

After his entrance into St. Sergius' Monastery, Moses quickly became known throughout the Church of Antioch for his diligence and learning and was eventually consecrated Metropolitan of Beth Romon in 863. While Metropolitan of Beth Romon the Saint also served for periods of time as locum tenens of the Dioceses of Nineveh (Mosul) and Tikrit (the latter following the repose of Maphrian Melchizedek of the East).

St. Moses reposed on February 12, 903 at roughly 90 years of age and is known today as a great doctor ('malphono' in Syriac) of the Church of Antioch. His writings continue to be studied by the clergy of the Syriac Orthodox Church to this day.

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