Alexei Alexandrovich Shirinsky-Shikhmatov

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Duke Alexei Alexandrovich Shirinsky-Shikhmatov was Ober-Procurator of the Apostolic Governing Synod, the Imperial government governing agency over the Church of Russia, for less than two months in 1906. He succeeded Duke Alexander Dmitriyevich Obolensky.

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Alexei Alexandrovich was a member of the State Council and the Imperial Court. He served as Ober-Procurator from April 26, 1906 to June 9, 1906 and was succeeded by Peter Petrovich Izvolsky. Alexei Alexandrovich's term of service was the shortest of all the Ober-Procurators.

On April 4, 1917, Alexei Alexandrovich became the head of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society. Subsequently, he left Russia on September 1, 1918 to escape the new Bolshevik government and settled in Paris, France.

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Alexei Alexandrovich Shirinsky-Shikhmatov
Preceded by:
Alexis Dmitrievich Obolensky
Succeeded by:
Peter Petrovich Izvolsky
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