Alexis Dmitrievich Obolensky

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Prince Alexis Dmitrievich Obolensky was Ober-Procurator of the Apostolic Governing Synod, the Imperial government governing agency over the Church of Russia, from 1905 to 1906, succeeding Constantine Pobedonostsev.

Alexis Dmitrievich was born in 1855. On July 16, 1893, he married Princess Elisabeth Saltikov, daughter of Prince Nicholas Ivanovich Saltikov, the Oberhof Master of Ceremonies of the Imperial Court, and Princess Anna Sergeevna Dolgoroukov. Alexis Dmitrievich was a Marshal of Nobility of the district of Kozalsk.

Alexis Dmitrievich served a short term as Ober Procurator, less than a half year. His term was the first of ten short appointments as ober procurator over the following twelve years until the Apostolic Governing Synod was abolished in 1917 just prior to the Bolshevik October revolution.

Alexis Dmitrievich reposed in 1933.

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Alexis Dmitrievich Obolensky
Preceded by:
Constantine Pobedonostsev
Succeeded by:
Alexei Alexandrovich Shirinsky-Shikhmatov
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