Meletius III of Constantinople

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His Holiness Meletius III of Constantinople was the Patriarch of the Church of Constantinople during the year of 1845, having served less than a year as patriarch.


Meletius Pangalos was born in 1772 on Kea, an island in the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. He was protosynkellos during the tenure of Patriarch Agathangelos of Constantinople. In August 1828, Meletius was elected metropolitan of Amaseia in northern Turkey, succeeding Metropolitan Neophytus who had resigned. In November 1830, after Metr. Makarius III resigned, Metr. Meletius was transferred to the Diocese of Thessalonica. Again in May 1841, Metr. Meletius was transferred, this time to the Diocese of Cyzicus after the election of its metropolitan as Ecumenical Patriarch Anthimus IV.

After the deposition of Patr. Germanus IV in 1845, Metr. Meletius was elected to the patriarchal throne on April 18. During his term as patriarch, Meletius merged the bishopric of Lambi with the Diocese of Crete and issued, in May 1845, a patriarchal sigillion forbidding the use of the facilities of the Theological School of Halki as a residence by prelates including former patriarchs. He also initiated changes for the head coverings worn by the Gregorian Armenian priests.

However, his patriarchate was soon ended as on November 28, 1845, Patr. Meletius reposed in Constantinople, after serving as patriarch for only seven months and 21 days. He was buried at the Church of Zoodochos Pigi.

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Meletius III of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Metropolitan of Amaseia
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Makarius III
Metropolitan of Thessalonica
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Metropolitan of Cyzicus
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Joachim II (Kokkodis)
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Germanus IV
Patriarch of Constantinople
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Anthimus VI
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