George the Righteous of Maleon

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The Venerable George the Righteous of Maleon, also George of Mount Maleon, was an ascetic monk of the ninth century. He is commemorated on April 4.

George chose to live a monastic life as an ascetic after he refused to marry the woman his parents had chosen for him. He entered the monastery on Mount Maleon in the Peloponnese where a community of monks gathered about him, and he came to be called an earthly angel and a wonderworker. Saint George was able to see the future, and predicted his own death three years before it occurred.


in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone

With the streams of thy tears, thou didst cultivate the barrenness of the desert; and by thy sighings from the depths, thou didst bear fruit a hundredfold in labours; and thou becamest a luminary, shining with miracles upon the world, O George our righteous Father. Intercede with Christ God that our souls be saved.