Theophylactos (Georgiadis) of Jordan

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Metropolitan Theophylactos (Georgiadis) of Jordan is the bishop of the see of Jordan in Palestine under the jurisdiction of the Church of Jerusalem.


Theodosios Georgiadis was born in 1951 in Haravgi at Kozani, Greece. He received his initial theological education at the Theological School of Xanthi in Thrace. He moved to Jerusalem in 1972, where he took the position of secretary of the Jerusalem Patriarchal office.

On February 16, 1973, Theodosios was tonsured a monk with the name Theophylactos. On February 19, he was ordained deacon. Having served as an assistant to the Youth Overseer, Dn. Theophylactos was appointed secretary of the Estate Council. In September 1977, he was ordained to the priesthood and was assigned as abbot of the Monastery of St. Simeon where he served until he entered the Theological Academy of Petroupolis to continue his theological education. While at the academy, he was elevated to archimandrite by Patr. Diodoros, in 1981, during his visit to the school.

After he completed his studies, Archim. Theophylactos returned to Jerusalem in 1984 and served at the Monastery of Bethlehem. In 1985, he was appointed to the position of secretary of the Economic Council. Then, in 1986, he was appointed abbot of the Monastery of the Holy Cross.

In 1989, Archim. Theophylactos was appointed Patriarchal Commissioner to Moscow, Russia. In 2001, after his return to Jerusalem he was elected a member of the Holy Synod and Elder Sacristan. He continued in the position of sacristan until 2003 before he was appointment abbot of the Monastery of St. Theodore and the officiating priest of the Patriarchal Church of Ss. Constantine and Helen.

On November 18, 2005, Archim. Theophylactos was elected Archbishop of Jordan, with the additional appointment as Patriarchal Commissioner to Bethlehem. Bishop-elect Theophylactos was consecrated on December 4, 2005 at the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem.

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