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The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem also known as the Armenian Patriarchate of St. James (Armenian: Առաքելական Աթոռ Սրբոց Յակովբեանց Յերուսաղեմ - literally "Apostolic See of St. James in Jerusalem") is located in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem. The Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem is under the authority of the Catholicos of Armenia and of all Armenians of the Church of Armenia.

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The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem is the home of the Brotherhood of St. James, a monastic order of the Armenian Apostolic Church with about 60 members worldwide. The Patriarchate is one of the three major guardians of the Christian Holy Places in the Holy Land, the other two are the Orthodox and Latin Patriarchates.


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The present Patriarch, Archbishop Torkom Manoogian was elected to the Throne of St. James in 1990 and is the 96th Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem. He resides in the monastery of St. James in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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