Nikiphoros of Alexandria

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His Beatitude Nikiphoros of Alexandria was the Patriarch of the Church of Alexandria from 1639 to 1645.


Little is known of life of Patr. Nikiphoros. During his tenure as patriarch a jurisdictional dispute emerged with the Church of Sinai in which the hierarchs of the Church of Sinai maintained and held religious services at the Sinai Dependency in Cairo[1] without the permission of the Patriarchate of Alexandria. When Patr. Nikiphoros was away in Moldovlachia the Church of Sinai obtained permission to serve from Patriarch Parthenius I of Constantinople. After Patr. Nikiphoros learned of the grant of permission he protested and, with support from the governor Basilius of Moldovlachia, Patr. Parthenius retracted his grant.

Patr. Nikiphoros reposed in April 1645, unexpectedly.

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Nikiphoros of Alexandria
Preceded by:
Metrophanes (Kritopoulos)
Patriarch of Alexandria
1639 - 1645
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