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The Holy Glorious Martyr Kalliopius was martyred for his faith under Diocletian. His memory is celebrated April 7.


Saint Kalliopius was born in Perge of Pamphylia and lived during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian. Orphaned as a young boy, he was raised by his virtuous mother Theokleia, who nurtured him with the life-giving Words of the Saviour. When the persecutions arose he was not afraid but on the contrary, provided comfort and support for those who were weak in their faith, encouraging them until the end, to receive the crown of glory.

When the Eparch Maximus arrived in the region and began his cruel persecution of Christians, Kalliopius presented himself on his own accord with his characteristic bravery and boldness to the eparch, warning him that he would give account to God for the crimes he committed against the people. Enraged, the eparch commanded that Kalliopius be tortured and cast into prison.

A few days later, he was brought before the eparch where despite the tortures he again confessed his faith in Jesus Christ. He was condemned to death by crucifixion on April 7 which coincided with Holy Friday, and thus received the incorruptible crown.

According to tradition, his mother gave up her soul after embracing his holy relics.