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Chrysanthus of Jerusalem was the Patriarch of the Church of Jerusalem from 1707 to 1731.

Patr. Chrysanthus participated, through correspondence, in the consultations that Abp. Arsenius of Thebas, an emissary of Patr. Samuel of Alexandria to Great Britain, had with the non-Jurors of Great Britain concerning reunion and communion of that faction of the Anglican Church with the Orthodox.

In 1722, Patr. Chrysanthus compiled the text of "The Confession of Faith" that was signed by him, Paisius II of Constantinople, and Sylvester of Antioch at the Constantinople Council of 1722 that was held with other hierarchs who were in Constantinople and participated in the Council. A continuation of the 1722 Council, the Constantinople Council of 1727 recognized the issuance of indulgences that had previously existed unofficially.

The practice of recognizing indulgences came about when Greek scholars and theologians had increasing contacts with the Roman West during the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries and most of them studied there. Indulgences as a means of enrichment were condemned at the Council of Constantinople of 1838. That Council, like the Council of 1727, was devoted to the extermination of Latin dogmas and usages.

Patr. Chrysanthus reposed in 1731.

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