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This article forms part of the series
Orthodoxy in China
Church of China
Russian Orthodox Mission in China
Timeline of Orthodoxy in China
Mitrophan Ji
Martyrs of China
Jonah of Manchuria
John Maximovitch
Gury (Karpov)
Major Figures
Iakinf (Bichurin) of Beijing
Pallady (Kafarov) of Beijing
Innocent (Figurovsky) of Beijing
Chinese Bishops
Vasily (Shuan) of Beijing
Symeon (Du) of Shanghai
Maxim Leontiev
Alexander (Du) Lifu
Elias Wen
Michael (Wang) Quansheng
Evangelos (Lu) Yaofu
Jonah (Mourtos)
Dionisy (Pozdnyaev)
Diocese of Beijing (Historical)
Diocese of Harbin (Historical)
Diocese of Shanghai (Historical)
Diocese of Tianjin (Historical)
Historic Churches
All Holy Martyrs of Beijing
St. Sophia Cathedral
Holy Annunciation Church of Harbin
Cathedral of the Surety of Sinners
Existing Churches with no Priest
Protection of the Theotokos Church
St. Nicholas Church
St. Sergius of Radonezh Parish
Mother of God 'Joy of All Who Sorrow'
Active Churches
St. Luke Cathedral
Holy Trinity Church
Brotherhood of the Apostles Peter & Paul
Orthodox Fellowship of All Saints of China
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