Sergios (Kykkotis) of the Cape of Good Hope

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His Eminence Sergios of the Cape of Good Hope

His Eminence, the Most Reverend Sergios (Kykkotis) of the Cape of Good Hope is the Archbishop of the Cape of Good Hope and Exarch of Natal and Dependencies (parts of South Africa, Namibia, Eswatini, Lesotho and British Isles in the Atlantic), part of the Church of Alexandria.


Archbishop Sergios was born in 1967 in Kaminaria, Limassol in Cyprus. Following completion of his high school education, His Eminence entered the monastic life with the brotherhood of the Holy Royal Monastery of Our Lady of Kykkos. In 1986, he was ordained hierodeacon under His Beatitude Chrysostomos I of Nea Justiniana.

In 1988, Hierodeacon Sergios continued his education, studying theology at the Theological School of the University of Athens, from which he received his degree in 1992. While he was studying in Athens, he served in the Archdiocese of Athens under His Beatitude Seraphim of Athens (1974–2004).

In 1996, he was ordained to the Holy Priesthood and received the rank of Archimandrite under the same archbishop. In 1997, he was transferred from the Church of Greece to the Patriarchate of Alexandria and, at the request of Patriarch Petros VII of Alexandria (1997–2004), served as parish priest in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, at the Archdiocese of the Cape of Good Hope under His Eminence Paul (Varnavas) (1968–1999).

On November 23, 1999, after Archbishop Paul's repose, Archimandrite Sergios was elected by the Holy Synod as Archbishop of the Cape of Good Hope. He was consecrated on November 27 by Patriarch Petros VII and enthroned in Cape Town on February 13, 2000.

In 2009, Archbishop Sergios received from the Serbian diaspora in South Africa the Order of Saint Sava. As member of the Holy Synod of Alexandria, His Eminence also was present at the Council of Crete of 2016. In 2018, together with His Beatitude Theodoros II of Alexandria, Archbishop Sergios laid the foundations for the establishment of the first Orthodox church in Namibia.


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Sergios (Kykkotis) of the Cape of Good Hope
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