Philotheus of Alexandria

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His Beatitude Philotheus of Alexandria was the Pope and Patriarch of the Church of Alexandria from 1435 to 1459. He rejected the reunion of the Council of Florence.


Very little is known of the life of Patr. Philotheus. He was patriarch of Alexandria during the period in which the Council of Florence was held and Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks led by Mehmed II.

In 1439, upon hearing of the reunion with the Rome Catholic Church had been agreed to at the Council of Florence, Patr. Philotheus rejected it. Later, at the Council of Jerusalem in 1443 with the Patriarchs of Antioch and Jerusalem, the reunion was condemned as false and invalid in a letter issued that also condemned Patr. Metrophanes, who supported the reunion. The condemnation and a popular uprising led to the deposition of Metrophanes in 1443.

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Philotheus of Alexandria
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