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Parthenius of Jerusalem was the Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Church of Jerusalem from 1737 to 1766.

Patr. Parthenius continued the efforts of the patriarchate to defend the rights of the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem against claims by the West. In 1737, he established the first Orthodox school in Jerusalem. He also established rules for the conduct of the Brotherhood of the Sepulchre. A new treaty between the Ottoman sultan and France in 1740 restricted the rights of the Orthodox of which Patr. Parthenius negotiated changes. His negotiations were successful through a decree from Sultan Osman Mustapha III in 1768 in regaining rights of which they had been deprived since 1689.

Patr. Parthenius participated in the Council of Constantinople of 1755-1756, presided over by Patr. Cyril V of Constantinople, that decreed that converts from the Western churches must be baptized upon their reception into the Orthodox Church. This council also condemned and anathematized those that dared to change the calendar.

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Parthenius of Jerusalem
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Patriarch of Jerusalem
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Ephraim II
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