Metropolis of Trikki and Stagoi

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The Holy Metropolis of Trikki and Stagoi, also Metropolis of Trikala and Stages, is a metropolis under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece. The metropolis is located in Thessaly in Greece.


The city Trikki is the ancient name of the present city of Trikala. The city of Stagoi, now Kalabaka, has been identified as a bishopric since at least the tenth century. In 1981, the Metropolis of Trikki and Stagoi was partitioned to form the Metropolis of Stagoi and Meteora while retaining the title of Trikki and Stagoi".



  • Monastery of St. Vissarion in Dousiko For Men
  • Monastery of the Dormition in Lagkadia For Women
  • Monastery of the Dormition Gouras in Pyli For Women
  • Monastery of St. John the Theologian in Zarkos For Women
  • Monastery of St. John in Vrontero For Women